Wooden Nickels and People Ashes

I updated my last post with the astonishing fact a geocache I had found contained the ashes of someone’s dearly departed mother… you know, in case you missed it. Otherwise things have been busy here at Chez Stephieface. When I have down time, I’ve been woodburning more wooden nickels to leave behind in geocaches…


Basically I free hand sketch the design on the wood and burn it in- voila!

It’s Like A Treasure Hunt – But Not

Last year, the kiddos and I started Geocaching. If you don’t know what that is, please refer to the title -or- you can go the Geocaching website (where they have lots of info, videos, etc). It’s something we do when people are bored and aren’t really feeling being indoors.


Basically, you get general coordinates and area from the website (which also has a free version app) and you set off to that place to find “the cache”. It can be an old Altoids tin, camera film canister, magnetic key holder, plastic container… really they are all just as varied as people are. They are even some super tiny ones:


You find the cache, write your name on the paper log, then log your find on the site. Easy peasy.

Some of the caches are even big enough that you can trade out stuff. Sometimes geocachers will leave little toys and trinkets for trade in the caches, there are even trackables- which are items that you remove from that cache and leave in another and its movements can be tracked from the site.

It’s undeniable that the stash caches are the kids’ favorite ones- so I generally carry a small box with me of things for trade just for that eventuality. Mostly they are small things, and usually things that I myself made like friendship bracelets, wooden beads that I have scratched designs in to, and wooden geocaching coins. There are a few non crafted things in there like a coin from England, a silver ring, and a set of 15mm tall miniatures of children (which I scored for a dollar from my local warhammer store and are about as tall as the metal part of a pencil) which I may or may not paint obnoxious colors.

Today I’ve been working on wooden geocaching coins… which are just wooden nickel blanks that I burn designs on to.

They aren’t intricate works of art – but I like them.

So, if you get the inclination – try it out- you might find yourself in places you didn’t know were there- plus, who doesn’t like hunting for treasure…


ETA: 2/22/16

So Sammy and I went geocaching on Sunday around the area and in one of the geocaches… the ashes of a once living person! Craziness!



I Thought I Was Dying On Monday

I currently work two jobs (that aren’t wife-ing or mothering). One is at a roller hockey rink (a haunted roller hockey rink) and the other is for a health insurance company. At the insurance job, it is my responsibility to review processes completed by the company for government compliance.

It was the insurance job that caused me to believe that I was dying on Monday. I honestly believed that I might be having a heart attack or stroke of some sort; I am not kidding, this is not a ‘I could not even… ‘ – I, for honest to goodness, thought that job had stressed me out so badly that I was dying.

I have worked for this company for going on eight years now, and held a few positions there and I can sum up the experience in a single phrase … It Is The Worst. Recently I was transferred from a team where I enjoyed the work I was doing, to another team without any transition. It was “Starting Monday you are on X team” due to company realignment. Now, it is my responsibility to work the most soul killing work imaginable.

I am getting long winded though – just know that everything sucks. Having to deal with the people I do, I ended up with the following:

  • My eye felt like it swelled, popped out of the socket, and had a heart beat of its own
  • I turned red and hot
  • I couldn’t breathe
  • My knuckles turned white
  • I wanted to yank the phone from the wall and throw it, then break my cubicle walls, and then maybe throw a car

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t dying so much as I was hulking out- and like Bruce Banner I am always angry.



Don’t Worry, The Ghosts Didn’t Get Me

Things have been pretty busy… work, work, hockey, kids hockey, housework… I feel like everything is behind- I have dust Brontosauruses roaming beneath my furniture and in my hallways.

But I have been crafting!



And of course, Christmas and Christmas Swaps.

The New Year has begun and I’ve decided on my resolution; it won’t be to lose weight or to stop a bad habit. My resolution will be to clear out the WIP box of unfinished projects before the Year ends… that should be easy … should be.

Hockey Hauntings and Gooning Ghouls



My hockey time keeping job is probably my favorite job (parenthood excluded). I get to watch hockey, and get paid for it, plus the people are pretty awesome… hockey players are my favorite kinds of people usually- well… hockey players and knitters.

As I said in my last post, when I close at night I can sometimes get myself all freaked out thinking that there are ghosts and ghoulies flitting about the rink. I downloaded a recording app on my phone so I can see if I can capture some of the sounds I hear after everyone has left and I am all alone.

Listen, I know the likelihood of ghosts haunting a hockey rink is probably… not at all… but my imagination apparently likes me to be frightened…. so it makes sounds and shapes from nothing. I know this. Doesn’t stop me from having fun with it though.


the rink

Anyway, back in the day, the hockey rink used to be HUGE (I mean aside from popularity). The building was bigger and housed a skating rink and an ice rink- they’ve since halved the building, kept the skating rink (and changed the surface) and sold the ice portion off to become a garage. 95% of the phone calls I receive are asking when our open skate time is… we don’t have open skates we just do hockey.

what did it do that it is in disco jail?

what did it do that it’s in disco jail?

We still have the disco balls though – they’re in cages and no longer spin. There are no longer any lights to shine on them either; I don’t know why they haven’t been removed. We still have the banging sound system though, which we turn on when there are no players in the building and we’re cleaning.


gendered changing rooms and cricket helmets

Lots of people leave things behind… normal things like shirts, hats, an odd piece of hockey gear like sticks and stuff… and not so normal things like creepy dolls and cricket helmets (we … don’t … do … cricket).

Overall I love this job – it’s the best- but I’m guessing you would like some creepy pictures though. This is what it looks like when I close, so maybe you can see why I get creeped out….


And the disco balls? I took dark pics of them too and messed with the contrast and whatnot… here you go…


Destination….. Noooooooooooooope!

I mentioned in the post previously that I work a second job at a hockey rink- it’s a roller hockey rink. I am the time keeper, I’m that lucky person who sits at the machine to add points, keeps track of the periods, and counts down for the penalties. Back in the day it used to be huge – one side was an ice rink for ice skating and the other was a hard surface for roller skating. The disco balls still hang from the ceiling, but they no longer turn or light up… and they’re in cages which makes me think they bite or something. (I’ll have to get pics of those at another time).

Frequently I have to close the place at night after the games have concluded…. all by myself…. in a darkened… old… building…….

When I first started working there, people started joking with me that they couldn’t wait until I discovered that it was haunted for myself… thanks guys.

Like any old building, it makes noises that you can’t really divine the origin of… Bumps, knocks, and the like. Sometimes you see things out of the corner of your eye… and by things I mean you see like a little flash maybe, or a reflection that your brain tells you is a person but it just a door closing elsewhere in the building from someone leaving… and you most certainly hear things.

Sometimes when I am closing I hear things drop, during the game hours it’s a sound that I would recognize as player skates hitting the floor after being taken off… but since there are no players…other times I hear a sound that during game hours I would recognize as someone dropping pucks on the rink… but again since there are no players….



Once I came to work and all of the lights were off, the place was empty, only the score lights were on and the overhead music was blaring… so naturally it’s the time to run out on the rink and take “scary selfies”. Nothing happened save a hockey kid and his parent walking in the door to catch me making “oooo it’s spooky” faces and taking pictures… Yes, I know it appears that there is something behind me… that’s what the score light reflections and a fuzzy filter on your phone’s editing software can get you.

Last night was no different than any other night I have closed up here… knocks, drops, skootches, etc… but as I was cleaning the locker rooms (hockey players are notoriously messy leaving little balls of tape, dryer sheets, and gatorade bottles everywhere) I came across something that I wasn’t expecting and came from no hockey player……


And there’s a creepy doll…That always follows you…It’s got a ruined eye…That’s always… open

Yo… why is there a creepy doll with one eye open a la the Jonathon Coulton “Creepy Doll” song in a locker room at the Rollerplex? If you never hear from me again, you know where to look….

The Box Of Warm

We have this thing called the Box of Warm – and if you have never heard of such a thing let me break it down for you…

Take a box – and fill it with winter hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Pick up extras at the end of the season for cheap for the next year, stock up at the dollar store, and/or make your own. Fill the box to bursting because kids and Misters lose these things all the time, also kids bring other kids home who’s parents may not be as in to warmth as I am, or nephews who lose their warmies at the house while they are visiting.  Then…. repeat for next year…

So right now I’ve been making fingerless gloves (which can be worn alone or combined with other gloves) and I believe I already posted a pic of the youngest with his fighting firey ones. The older boys have picked out their colors and are on the list. Monday, when I went to work at my second job at the hockey rink, I decided to work on a set using this yarn that I got from Hobby Lobby called Yarn Bee Soft Secret Ombre in “gold dust”.

I think I might keep these for myself because they look like Wesley Crusher gloves…

20150827_110729~2 20150827_110823~2 20150827_110841~2  crusher-rainbow datalore18221b96bb

Checking In

I work.

I work a lot.

I work two jobs, in fact, in addition to being a wife and mother.

So sorry I don’t write as much any more – but I still try to check in from time to time.

Here are some highlights since the last time I’ve written…

DSC09402 DSC09042 20150814_061244_HDR~2 20150812_144132~2 20150811_130217~2 20150813_114344~2 20150809_000709~2~2 20141104_082423_HDR~2 20150702_204700_HDR~2 20150729_162816_HDR~2 wood 20150823_213509~220150527_084013_HDR BabySocksForSIL (1) BabySocksForSIL (2) DSC08752 DSC08754 DSC09031

New Things- NEW THINGS!!

I’ve listed some new things in my etsy shop, like this little beauty

Boston pic 3

See that? I did that. I drew and painted that sweet little lady.

Also, I’m currently working on some My Brother, My Brother and Me quotes cross stitch patterns. Like “Thank Travis for Travis” and “Kiss Your Dad Square On The Lips” and should be posting those up soon. So keep an eye out


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