The Box Of Warm

We have this thing called the Box of Warm – and if you have never heard of such a thing let me break it down for you…

Take a box – and fill it with winter hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Pick up extras at the end of the season for cheap for the next year, stock up at the dollar store, and/or make your own. Fill the box to bursting because kids and Misters lose these things all the time, also kids bring other kids home who’s parents may not be as in to warmth as I am, or nephews who lose their warmies at the house while they are visiting.  Then…. repeat for next year…

So right now I’ve been making fingerless gloves (which can be worn alone or combined with other gloves) and I believe I already posted a pic of the youngest with his fighting firey ones. The older boys have picked out their colors and are on the list. Monday, when I went to work at my second job at the hockey rink, I decided to work on a set using this yarn that I got from Hobby Lobby called Yarn Bee Soft Secret Ombre in “gold dust”.

I think I might keep these for myself because they look like Wesley Crusher gloves…

20150827_110729~2 20150827_110823~2 20150827_110841~2  crusher-rainbow datalore18221b96bb

Checking In

I work.

I work a lot.

I work two jobs, in fact, in addition to being a wife and mother.

So sorry I don’t write as much any more – but I still try to check in from time to time.

Here are some highlights since the last time I’ve written…

DSC09402 DSC09042 20150814_061244_HDR~2 20150812_144132~2 20150811_130217~2 20150813_114344~2 20150809_000709~2~2 20141104_082423_HDR~2 20150702_204700_HDR~2 20150729_162816_HDR~2 wood 20150823_213509~220150527_084013_HDR BabySocksForSIL (1) BabySocksForSIL (2) DSC08752 DSC08754 DSC09031

New Things- NEW THINGS!!

I’ve listed some new things in my etsy shop, like this little beauty

Boston pic 3

See that? I did that. I drew and painted that sweet little lady.

Also, I’m currently working on some My Brother, My Brother and Me quotes cross stitch patterns. Like “Thank Travis for Travis” and “Kiss Your Dad Square On The Lips” and should be posting those up soon. So keep an eye out


Items Added to my Etsy Shop!

Items Added to my Etsy Shop!

Hey Everyone! After a long sabbatical, I’ve added some new things to my etsy shop – check it out! Just click above to get there!

Trillium Squared….. Squared

Made another trillium flower, with some mods. I wanted it to look like an actual trillium flower, so I knit the white petals in white dishcloth worsted cotton. I added some extra rows of knit and purl to make the petals longer. I knit the green leaves as per the pattern in plain old stashed green acrylic. The anthers I made with Soy silk yarn I also had sitting around in my stash.

I wonder if I can make up a trillium headpiece for a renn faire a la A Maiden’s Glory from the Anticraft… except without all the crochet.

Fussy…. fussy… crochet.

Trillium Squared Flower

I needed a simple flower for an embellishment…. so some scrap yarn and an hour later…. voila!



I’m Asking For More Luck Wishes

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I return to the place I went and interviewed with on Thursday for another interview. I’ve already completed some of their required application testing, so this should be the final no-holds-barred interview that determines if I get hired or not. So send a few good vibes my way… k?

I’m really nervous, not so much about the interview, but really more about life in general. On the 24th the Mister goes in for leg surgery, so its make or break time here for Stephieface employment. I need something, and I need it now… you know? I just hope everything doesn’t fall apart and screw the rest of the year. That would really suck.

Then, my cousin is holding a Thanksmas party at the beginning of Dec, and though I really would like to go… I have no idea how things will be then. Will the Mister be kosher to travel? Will I be able to drive there and back all by my lonesome, since its his pedal hitting foot that will be out of commission? Will we be able to afford it then, since that’s when the paycheck switch up will hit?

A tender thread they say… le sigh…

When I’m feeling a little stressed, like now, I start thinking of my fantasy yarn shop. A yarn shop which I own and get to handpick all of the employees. Like the guy working the cash register would be Ian McShane.


He would use that voice of his to convince customers just how scandalously wonderful the new yarn is. Customers might even get a little squiggly when he gives them store coupons to use, like he was doing it just for them.

Then, for the Technical Service… you know, knots that can’t be undone, dropped stitches, trying to find the end of a yarn skein… I would have David Tennant…


Because anyone who have ever been a Doctor and a Time Lord would most certainly be able to fix those kinds of problems. Of course, I may have some issues with customers intentionally putting knots in yarn and losing skein ends just so they require his services… but I wouldn’t blame them.

Then there would be the guy in charge of patterns and books… MIchael Sheen, because he makes this small squirrelly part of me just squee…

sheen_lI would especially squee everytime he licked his thumb to turn pages… oh… and read me passages from some of the knitting books.

Then, my stockers… dressed shirtless in kilts all day… Gerard Butler (of course!)…


And Richard Armitage…


And rolling around in the Merino would be Jensen Ackles…


Because Merino is my favorite fiber, and well… Jensen rolling around in it would make it awesome.

Then, because I believe in a full service LYS, there would be a small coffee counter and serving your espressos and Earl Grey would be Zachary Quinto…


Because, couldn’t you imagine that smile serving you coffee?

Yes… that is indeed my happy place. Wouldn’t you love to come and join me?

Back And Forth

On Monday night we got back from visiting my parents. The Mister had come home earlier in the weekend with Zach, so it was just me and FDs on the way home. Seeing as the children are just as carcaleptic as I used to be, I was pretty much left to my own devices to keep myself awake.

On Saturday, we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It was awesome as always. We got to watch jousting and sword fighting…

…And eat sweet treats….

I also got to watch my favorite Renaissance show… Hack & Slash

(I’ll be honest, my favorite half of the duo is Squire Slash… the one in the kilt… mmmm…. kilt)

Then we visited with my family, taking time to see all my nieces and nephew…This is my niece Kaya and TJ, who eerily look like brother and sister.

There was a lot of playing, and a couple of mohawks…

On the way home, I tried to take some pictures of things I see whenever I come back. Like the castle…

Signs for the Naked Mountain Winery (which I figure would be a cold place to work at, what with everyone being naked and all… and I really don’t want to think about how they stir things there)

and glancing at Chapman’s Mill as I drove by, remembering how once my sister and I skipped school and went there… and how spooky I thought it was…

It was an awesome time.

Also, I discovered something disturbing while in Virginia (which has nothing to do with my family or the trip, it was ust something I discovered while there) that the girl who plays ‘Stephanie’ from Lazytown is 17. 17!!

Oh, and I might have a job… woohoo!

Follow The Link… Follow It!

My Weekend In Pictures

My weekends are usually quite tame. Then there are the weekends when the kids do crazy stuff. Crazy stuff that we can’t even imagine what they were thinking when they did them. Like, for example, why did Sam fall asleep like so?

As you can see here he has fallen asleep with a bucket on his head, a glove on his foot, there are pants on his face, and he’s managed to put one leg of jammy pants over his jeans on his left leg.

How did he manage to get himself in to this predicament?

(probably my favorite part of this picture is how the Mister just let him hangs there so I can take a picture)

I’m also entertained on how my Mister can’t take a picture to save his life… (methinks he gets a little too close)

Yeah… that’s me.  Flattering, don’t you think?

Next weekend we’re heading off to MD & VA to see the Stephieface Parental Units. Woohoo!

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