When Yarn Winders Attack!

I finally got my camera and computer talking again… those two have a tumultuous relationship to be sure. So, about the yarn winder…….

Here is how the post office handed me the box

Now, to some people they would think that the post office handled their package poorly…. me? I know the truth… my yarn winder escaped and began a killing spree somewhere around Warrendale PA. The box was smooshed in their efforts to recage it, and this is why it was there so long… they had to conduct a winder hunt. How do I know it was on a muderous bloody killing spree? The CSI like evidence:
I’ve circled the eeeeeeew for you. If you are brave and curious you can click the picture to make it better to get a larger view. I have also thankfully left the handle out of the picture, it was the worst part of the whole thing, it caused a rookie cop to spew his Moo Goo Gai Pan.
In any case, it was cleaned up and looked over, cleaned up once more, and then Goo Goned to be safe- then it was put to work. I think my yarn winder is just really energetic, the post office would not have had any problems with him had they just made him use up all that extra energy he has. I could tell he was going to be mischievious, so I did what I would do to my kids, which was tire him out. I pretty much wound and rewound every yarn like substance in my house:

As you can see I have an awesome organizational system…. acrylic in the milk crate and not-the-acrylic in the tub. I used to have them all seperated in ziploc baggies with their fiber content written on the outside…. but then I was like… yeah… so they aren’t that way anymore. By the way, that bright red wool is from a Goodwill sweater I was finally able to finish taking apart now that the Winder is here. It took me an hour, instead of the few days I’m used to…. it was marvelous. I think I will name my winder…. Caitho…. Caith is the gaelic word for eat, you know in rememberance of the postal workers Caitho devoured in Warrendale.

Yesterday, Zeeppo remarked how scary it is that he believes he lives near me, then I counter remarked that I think I live closer than he thinks, that I may live a block or two away from him. While this is true, I did not want to divulge how I knew this…. but in the interest of all things honest I will.

I stalked Zeeppo once….. well I unintentionally stalked him….err…. I stalked him by accident.

You see I drove to the nearest gas station to get gas, which was the A+ on 18th. While pumping gas, a bus pulled up and let people off. Since I have nothing to do while pumping gas I was watching the people stepping off the bus…. and lo and behold there was Zeeppo and his wife stepping off the bus. I know it was Zeeppo because I had just knitted in public with him months before at WWKIP day and I remember faces. I wasn’t sure if I should call out after him. Firstly, what would I call out? Zeeppo or his real name that I learned on WWKIP day (but I must keep his secret identity…. well… secret… go here to read about Yarn Man). This quandry alone stayed me from saying “Hey! I freaking know you”. Then there was the question of whether or not clowns are okay with groupies and fans. So, they walked away as I continued to fill up my car. When I was on my way back to my house, I passed Zeeppo and his wife as they were walking to their house. Though I don’t know which house it is, I figure its pretty close to me- but far enough away that my crazy neighbors can’t get them.

On the Crazy neighbor front, Man Neighbor and Girl Neighbor are moving away, they were loading up the moving van the last two days. Or, at least I saw Man Neighbor loading up a moving van the last two days. I hope the curse of that house is broken. Ever since the old lady with the tastey dogs (they are tastey dogs because other neighborhood dogs kept eating them, no lie) moved out it has been pretty bad. Here’s hoping for better neighbors!


  1. Zeeppo said,

    October 13, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    I am note sure that counts as stalking. By the way you are selcome to attend Hive Knitting on Mondays if your availible. And some of freind call me Z and clown use their given names. I just don’t use mine online for multiple reasons,

  2. Stepherz said,

    October 14, 2006 at 8:54 am

    Pretty awesome that you live so close to Zeeppo. Small world!

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