The Box Of Warm

We have this thing called the Box of Warm – and if you have never heard of such a thing let me break it down for you…

Take a box – and fill it with winter hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Pick up extras at the end of the season for cheap for the next year, stock up at the dollar store, and/or make your own. Fill the box to bursting because kids and Misters lose these things all the time, also kids bring other kids home who’s parents may not be as in to warmth as I am, or nephews who lose their warmies at the house while they are visiting.  Then…. repeat for next year…

So right now I’ve been making fingerless gloves (which can be worn alone or combined with other gloves) and I believe I already posted a pic of the youngest with his fighting firey ones. The older boys have picked out their colors and are on the list. Monday, when I went to work at my second job at the hockey rink, I decided to work on a set using this yarn that I got from Hobby Lobby called Yarn Bee Soft Secret Ombre in “gold dust”.

I think I might keep these for myself because they look like Wesley Crusher gloves…

20150827_110729~2 20150827_110823~2 20150827_110841~2  crusher-rainbow datalore18221b96bb


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