Magic Balls!

I have been knitting for some time now,and I knew about Magic Balls. If you don’t know what a Magic Ball is, it’s basically all those little leftover bits of yarn combined in to one giant FrankenBall.

But no one likes FrakenBalls.

This is why I went with Magic. I used the Russian Join to combine all the yarns  because I like that the ends are pretty much already woven in.

This difficulty is finding what to do with the Magic Balls once you’ve combined them. Me, I just went with very simple crocheted cowls/infinity scarves. Chain 27, then 2 for turning and DC across the row, chain 2 for turning and DC across… repeat. Nothing fancy since the yarn changes colors.

It’s been a fun little pallet cleanser whenever I need a break from knitting. I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it.

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