I Thought I Was Dying On Monday

I currently work two jobs (that aren’t wife-ing or mothering). One is at a roller hockey rink (a haunted roller hockey rink) and the other is for a health insurance company. At the insurance job, it is my responsibility to review processes completed by the company for government compliance.

It was the insurance job that caused me to believe that I was dying on Monday. I honestly believed that I might be having a heart attack or stroke of some sort; I am not kidding, this is not a ‘I could not even… ‘ – I, for honest to goodness, thought that job had stressed me out so badly that I was dying.

I have worked for this company for going on eight years now, and held a few positions there and I can sum up the experience in a single phrase … It Is The Worst. Recently I was transferred from a team where I enjoyed the work I was doing, to another team without any transition. It was “Starting Monday you are on X team” due to company realignment. Now, it is my responsibility to work the most soul killing work imaginable.

I am getting long winded though – just know that everything sucks. Having to deal with the people I do, I ended up with the following:

  • My eye felt like it swelled, popped out of the socket, and had a heart beat of its own
  • I turned red and hot
  • I couldn’t breathe
  • My knuckles turned white
  • I wanted to yank the phone from the wall and throw it, then break my cubicle walls, and then maybe throw a car

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t dying so much as I was hulking out- and like Bruce Banner I am always angry.




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