Cranking It Out

Every year I do the thing, the Box of Warm thing, where I make a bunch of stuff for a literal box in my home (scarves, gloves, hats, etc) so I have a huge stockpile of warm just waiting for someone to need it. My kids have raided it a bunch, my nephews, my kids’ friends, my nephews’ friends, my mom. Sometimes I make things with specific people in mind- usually I don’t- just whatever I feel like doing.

Today is an exciting day- today I receive a knitting machine. Not a big fancy one on which I could do sweaters or blankets- but a small one. My Singer Knitting Machine is being delivered today and I’m super excited – I haven’t been this excited for a knitting tool since the Ball Winder Attacks of 2006.

How could you not be excited? You crank and it knits.

I made sure to get the newer version – which looks exactly like the Addi Express Knitting Machine – just with different legs and color scheme. I even made sure to watch a couple of unboxings for it- which the few different videos I’ve watched the unboxer adds the legs and the Singer machine wiggles – which leads me to wonder if the legs are a slightly different length (shorties in front/longies in back and the directions don’t mention it) – I’ll let you know once it gets here.

The Plan: once I get the machine going to just feed my extra non fancy yarn stash through it and get scarves a plenty. If it’s easy enough I’ll get the boys to join in. I only paid $20 for the thing, so if it doesn’t work out well I’m not out the $100+ the Addi would have cost me.

Now – it’s just the waiting- and that is the hardest part.


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