Hockey Hauntings and Gooning Ghouls



My hockey time keeping job is probably my favorite job (parenthood excluded). I get to watch hockey, and get paid for it, plus the people are pretty awesome… hockey players are my favorite kinds of people usually- well… hockey players and knitters.

As I said in my last post, when I close at night I can sometimes get myself all freaked out thinking that there are ghosts and ghoulies flitting about the rink. I downloaded a recording app on my phone so I can see if I can capture some of the sounds I hear after everyone has left and I am all alone.

Listen, I know the likelihood of ghosts haunting a hockey rink is probably… not at all… but my imagination apparently likes me to be frightened…. so it makes sounds and shapes from nothing. I know this. Doesn’t stop me from having fun with it though.


the rink

Anyway, back in the day, the hockey rink used to be HUGE (I mean aside from popularity). The building was bigger and housed a skating rink and an ice rink- they’ve since halved the building, kept the skating rink (and changed the surface) and sold the ice portion off to become a garage. 95% of the phone calls I receive are asking when our open skate time is… we don’t have open skates we just do hockey.

what did it do that it is in disco jail?

what did it do that it’s in disco jail?

We still have the disco balls though – they’re in cages and no longer spin. There are no longer any lights to shine on them either; I don’t know why they haven’t been removed. We still have the banging sound system though, which we turn on when there are no players in the building and we’re cleaning.


gendered changing rooms and cricket helmets

Lots of people leave things behind… normal things like shirts, hats, an odd piece of hockey gear like sticks and stuff… and not so normal things like creepy dolls and cricket helmets (we … don’t … do … cricket).

Overall I love this job – it’s the best- but I’m guessing you would like some creepy pictures though. This is what it looks like when I close, so maybe you can see why I get creeped out….


And the disco balls? I took dark pics of them too and messed with the contrast and whatnot… here you go…


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