Destination….. Noooooooooooooope!

I mentioned in the post previously that I work a second job at a hockey rink- it’s a roller hockey rink. I am the time keeper, I’m that lucky person who sits at the machine to add points, keeps track of the periods, and counts down for the penalties. Back in the day it used to be huge – one side was an ice rink for ice skating and the other was a hard surface for roller skating. The disco balls still hang from the ceiling, but they no longer turn or light up… and they’re in cages which makes me think they bite or something. (I’ll have to get pics of those at another time).

Frequently I have to close the place at night after the games have concluded…. all by myself…. in a darkened… old… building…….

When I first started working there, people started joking with me that they couldn’t wait until I discovered that it was haunted for myself… thanks guys.

Like any old building, it makes noises that you can’t really divine the origin of… Bumps, knocks, and the like. Sometimes you see things out of the corner of your eye… and by things I mean you see like a little flash maybe, or a reflection that your brain tells you is a person but it just a door closing elsewhere in the building from someone leaving… and you most certainly hear things.

Sometimes when I am closing I hear things drop, during the game hours it’s a sound that I would recognize as player skates hitting the floor after being taken off… but since there are no players…other times I hear a sound that during game hours I would recognize as someone dropping pucks on the rink… but again since there are no players….



Once I came to work and all of the lights were off, the place was empty, only the score lights were on and the overhead music was blaring… so naturally it’s the time to run out on the rink and take “scary selfies”. Nothing happened save a hockey kid and his parent walking in the door to catch me making “oooo it’s spooky” faces and taking pictures… Yes, I know it appears that there is something behind me… that’s what the score light reflections and a fuzzy filter on your phone’s editing software can get you.

Last night was no different than any other night I have closed up here… knocks, drops, skootches, etc… but as I was cleaning the locker rooms (hockey players are notoriously messy leaving little balls of tape, dryer sheets, and gatorade bottles everywhere) I came across something that I wasn’t expecting and came from no hockey player……


And there’s a creepy doll…That always follows you…It’s got a ruined eye…That’s always… open

Yo… why is there a creepy doll with one eye open a la the Jonathon Coulton “Creepy Doll” song in a locker room at the Rollerplex? If you never hear from me again, you know where to look….


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