Persnickety Pixies

Since Thursday, each night when the Mister and I sit down to watch House on DVD (he recently came home with Season 2) I’ve been working on the Pocket Pixie.

First, I wrote up a new pattern for some gutchies (underwear)…


These do not require the use of a drawstring, and look less like a diaper.

Then I started on a leaf skirt…


And I decided that, although cute, it just wasn’t “skirty” enough for me. So I added another leafy layer in a different color green…


Which I find much more agreeably “skirty”. Believe it or not, each leaf has a sweet little point at the tip, its just rolling up so you can’t really tell. Next on the agenda is a shirt/top of some sort (most likely in pink) and then the hair. The hair still has me stymied a bit which is why I’ve been holding off. The last doll I made the hair took a long time on its own, and while the pixie is considerably smaller than her… I’d still be attaching the hair strand by strand as I did before (because I like a certain look for doll hair… even if its a home made doll).


On Saturday, the Mister and I went to go see the new Rambo movie. My Mister loves Rambo (and Rocky for that matter… and really anything that stars Sylvester Stallone…… yes…. even Judge Dredd) which is why I tagged along.

First off, if you are the type who really dislikes violent movies… don’t even think about going to this movie. Sylvester Stallone himself stated on The View that  this is the bloodiest & most violent Rambo movie to date. He also stated that he intentionally picked Burma for the setting because of warring going on there. The first 5 minutes, during the opening, you see tons of blood and death. The movie itself was still extremely good, though I could have done without the up close and personal killing of children done by the “Bad Guys” in this movie.

I was a little disappointed in the female lead in this movie,  Pittsburgh born Julie Benz, who I most recognize as ‘Darla’ from Joss Whedon’s “Angel” and “Buffy”TV series.  Not because of her acting, but mostly because she seems to just be there as a justification for the movie… much like the Holy Grail in the third Indiana Jones movie, she’s there to be retrieved by the hero. I wish the writers had given her more to do.

On the other hand there were two other characters that I really liked other than Rambo in this movie, Matthew Marsden’s sniper School Boy , and Tim Kang’s mercenary En-Joo. Marsden has to lug a 50 caliber sniper rifle (link is for Mythbusters episode where they are shooting it into a pool) through the jungles of Burma…. the thing is huge, it would be like lugging  a gun the size of my 11-year-old everywhere with me.

Anyways, the movie is good- just avoid marinara before going.


On the Home Search Front… still nothing, though we have some more leads. The one house were looking at before, we discovered would be too much in the end. The newest place we were looking at has its own designated driveway… which is sweet since that would mean we wouldn’t have to endure the Parking Wars anymore.

The Parking Wars are the battles my neighbors wage on one another trying to park in front of my house. They will scream and yell at one another (and once there was rock throwing) over who gets to park there, when its right in front of my house. We live there and we have to park elsewhere because all the parking is taken up. It would be nice to not be awakened at 5 in the morning by neighbors wanting to know if “that car” there is mine and would I move it because I’m in their spot. These are the same people who take up all the parking in front of my house and then get angry when I quickly double park long enough to unload groceries/laundry/children so that I’m not carrying aforementioned things all over the place.

I seriously can’t wait to move


1 Comment

  1. jenica said,

    January 28, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    how is that *green* hamster, danny, doing?

    yesh, dog nuggets couldn’t sound any more appetizing right now, could it?

    what weird neighbors. i would buy a huge camper and park it in front of my house just to bug them.

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