Fyberduck Is Awesome

I simply cannot say it enough, she is. Would you like to know why? Not only is she knitting me socks, but she managed to have my socks fondled by none other than my favoritest author of all time, Terry Pratchett. She even took photographic proof!


How about them apples?

Even if I don’t score her as a partner in the Craftster Discworld “Fall-ing For Pratchett” Swap (we get partners today) I am still going to send her the item I taunted her with to entice her join up, the item of which still remains a mystery. By the way, if you have never checked out her patterns before, do so now.

I don’t actually have much more today. Its been pretty quiet around here. However, I do often wonder… whatever happened to Hypercolor? And……. wouldn’t Hypercolor make an awesome yarn?


1 Comment

  1. fyberduck said,

    October 1, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    I feel like I should hid behind my fan or something, to express bashfulness. Thank you 😀 I’m nearly done with the sockies, soooo close… A few more days, maybe.

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