Success Is Just Another 4 Letter Word………

Done!! And just in time! This morning I grafted the toe on the second sock, and heck… I even wove in the ends. This afternoon the postal carrier delivered my celebratory stitch markers. Woohoo!



And Stepherz is right, the stitch markers are pretty enough to be jewlery:



Preeeeettttyyyyy…… man am I a sucker for shiny (the extra gold bit on the left is a heart charm my kids gave me, I just couldn’t take it off).

Lately I’ve been trying to make space around here. Our house was a good size for 2 people, maybe 2 people with a wee third. Its currently getting a little cramped around these parts, so I’ve been going through our belongings and getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore (maternity clothes? right outta here). In my cleaning exploits I discovered something from my past long ago…………..


My very first ever knitting attempt.

You’d never know by looking at it that its worsted weight yarn, or that I knit it on US size 8’s. Though you can easily find where I dropped a stitch or two, and see how teeny tiny my stitches used to be. I used to knit on just the very tippy tips of the needles, and my tension was so tight that the acrylic screamed and squeaked for mercy as I pushed forced stitch after forced stitch onto my needles. My hands ached after each go at a row. To think I went from that, to this:


Makes me a very happy girl.


1 Comment

  1. Stepherz said,

    September 27, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    Garsh. My feets sure are cold. And Christmas sure is rigt around the corner. And red also is my very favorite color. A-hem.

    Just kidding! But those are some seriously snazzy socks you’ve got there! And the necklace does look purdy, doesn’t it!? Great minds…

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