The Stephieface Were-Athon

Boy! I just watched a were-athon and man are my eyes tired!

I’m not a big scary movie fan, heck I’m not usually a serious movie fan either (give me campy or give me death!) I usually stick around the comedy strata of the moviesphere. I really love laughing.

However, Halloween is coming up soon, and once again I’ll have to undertake the construction of a multitude of Halloween costumes. To get in the Halloweeny mood I decided to watch a Were-Athon.

What’s a were-athon? Its a movie marathon of nothing but werewolf movies. I’ll avoid most scary movies like the plague…. but give me a good ole werewolf movie and I’m totally in. The ironic bit about this is as a child I was terrified of werewolves, believing they lived in the bushes in front of my house.

So, I watched me some:

Underworld (1 and 2… Michael Sheen…. ahhhhh)

Van Helsing

American Werewolf in London

American Werewolf in Paris (Tom Everett Scott… oooooo)

A recent DVD acquisition of Dog Soldiers (Kevin McKidd and Sean Pertwee….the character Spoon [my favorite]…. the only thing missing from this awesome Scottish werewolf flick is kilts)

Currently, I’m debating about adding Cursed, and Blood and Chocolate to the Were-Athon rotation. I’m dubious of Cursed because I just can’t buy into Christina Ricci being a werewolf if Johnny Depp is not involved somehow. Blood and Chocolate is iffy, it breaks my imposed singular rule about Werewolf movies which is people turning into actual wolves and not slavering beast man things. I expect a big hulking beastie that glorifies the whole Man/Wolf thing, not a wee wolfie. I can’t see in my mind 180lb men turning into 60lb wolves…. this is why I had a hard time with Lady Hawk (though I loved it, I think people should still retain people attainable sizes- its why I’m not a Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter fan) though the werewolf lost boys in Blood and Choclate are super cute. Its an iffy.

The Mister said no Howlings, and I have vetoed all Teen Wolf movies. Its proving to be a good time. The character Spooner in Dog Soldiers had the best quote so far when it comes to people who fight lycanthropes, “I hope you get the sh*ts from eating me ya bastard.” Its very much what I would say to a werewolf attempting to chow down on my good and plenties.


Because werewolves are absoloute suckers for good and plenties.


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