This here be my wee exhaltation that it be “Talk like a Pirate Day“. Arrrr. Yet I can be postin’ an entire entry with this here pirateering affectation, this be all piratical discourse you’ll get from me this day. Arrrrr…..

I’ve started designing stuff for the upcoming Terry Pratchett’s Discworld swaps I’ve signed up for. The first being the Craftster “Fall-ing For Pratchett” swap, hosted by esmerelda. I can’t go too nutty, not yet receiving any partner info, but I can get some preliminary stuff ready (like knitting charts and stuff). Once again though, no revealing until my partner receives their package… so not until almost Halloween. If Fyberduck participates and I scored her as a partner, I already know one thing that would be going in the package (wink wink, nudge nudge, harass harass, tempt tempt).

I know its odd for those of you have never read the books to really understand why I love them so much, and why Discworld swaps are the only swaps I’ll really ever participate in (though I could be coerced into a Firefly swap or two). Do yourself a favor, if you have never read any of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, go and pick one up. Its a funny sarcastic fantastical read. Its a series you don’t have to read in order, but you can if you’re like that. You will have a favorite character somewhere in the world, be it Granny, Nanny, Sam Vimes, Carrot, The Librarian, or The Luggage. So go to the library, the Half Priced Book store, or Borders (heck… even Amazon) and pick yourself up some Pratchett.
My favorites in the series so far:
The Witches (Granny, Nanny, Magrat, Agnes/Perdita): Maskerade (for you Phantom fiends out there), Carpe Jugulum (for all the gothy kids I went to highschool with), and Wyrd Sisters (for you Shakespeare fans)

The Wizards (Rincewind and the Luggage) The Last Continent

DEATH (DEATH and subsequently the DEATH of Rats) Reaper Man, Soul Music, Hogfather, and Thief of Time

The Night Watch (Sam Vimes, Nobby nobbs, Carrot) any of these… these are my favorites in all of the books, Fifth Elephant and Guards Guards being my personal favs… along with Where’s My Cow?

Small Gods is awesome too.
Here we see The Luggage doing epic battles with Darth Vader.

I’m also making socks, Sachi has lead me down the dark path of sock knitting with her chants of “one of us…. one of us….”


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