Half Down, Half To Go

Have you noticed that with knitted socks you can’t really do the whole pessimist/optimist thing (Half empty/half full)? Interesting.

So, last night I finished one half of the Socks of Doom:I’m rather lucky that I’m a Ravelry user, or I would never have known there was an errata to the pattern where there was a mistake in the heel portion. I love how these particular knitted socks make it appear as if my feet are ginormous when I wear a US Women’s size 7.5/8 shoe (closer to 8 these days since having the FDs) which is still pretty smallish.

Pretty soon I shall be participating in not one, but TWO Terry Pratchett Discworld Swaps…. one on Craftster and one on Ravelry. Muhahahahaha, can’t you just sense the Discworld madness?!

After selling a particularly biggish order in my Etsy shop, I was able to score a used copy of the Harry Potter Charmed Knits book from Amazon. I totally disregarded the forum argument at the bottom where they discuss if this book is a huge scam (filled with patterns accessible for free on the internets) or actually worth the cash. I don’t care, the less I have to scour the internet the better. In any case, I never buy new books anymore- so the $ amount isn’t too much of an issue for me. I’m really excited though, I might just possibly make the Initial Sweater for all of my kids….. only because I’ve started to slur their names all together when trying to call one particular kid…..
“Hey, ZacSm…er…Tj! Yeah, TJ”
…perhaps wearing a sweater with a giant “T” on it will jog my memory before I go stumbling through names.
Not that this is bad mind you, my sister and I were AStephanie and SteAngie respectfully- but we made fun of my mother for doing that and I want to fix the habit before my kids can truly master mockery. Its bad enough that Sam has taken an immense shine to screaming “Zachary is a girl kisser” while running around the house in an effort to make Zach scream (which he does), I’d hate for them to stop turning on each other and focus their make funnery in my direction. Because that would be immense viciousness… like koalas.


1 Comment

  1. Sachi said,

    September 10, 2007 at 11:21 pm

    So…. because I’m a horrible bloggy friend and two weeks overdue, you don’t need my simple pattern now that you’ve got this one figured? :-\

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