Family Vacations Are Not For The Weak

So, Clan Stephieface has returned home from a wonderful vacation abroad… err, well abroad if abroad means skipping over to the next state staying 2 hours from your house. The Mister and I packed up the 4 Flying Diaperinis and headed off to Deep Creek Maryland.

Well first, we stopped over at the in laws (who were going as well) to do some last minute loading up of baggage and whatnots….. whatnots being laundry and the like. While I washed clothes, the Mister and his brother played some Wii…
Go Ahead… guess what they’re playing…. I’ll wait……. (while you try and guess, let me say I think it should be the newest round of blog contests to post pictures of your loved ones playing Wii and inviting people to guess the game they playing- so far, no one has got the game they were playing right)……..I guess that’s enough time- they were playing………………bowling.

Then the clan was on its way to the cabin… on the way I Kinneared myself some vacation photos….
by the way, I think all vacations should be Kinneared.

This year’s trip was slightly different than last year’s since the Mister came with us this time. Now, mind you, my Mister is not what you’d call one of those “nutty” types (you know, types like me) but he did make every effort to aid me in my blogging endeavors and was just as excited as I to get a good picture of us entering our favorite place in Maryland….. Accident.
And in trying to get pictures of Accident, we almost got into an accident- true story.

So, while there we relaxed and chilled with all the kids….. of which there were many…. my four, my SILs had 3 amongst them. Then we had a few adults…. a few being about 10….

Halfway through the week the Mister granted my one and only vacation wish which was to go back to Swallow Falls. It was at this point in the vacation that I realized that I will never have proof that I was ever on vacations with my family being the one who takes all the pictures… maybe I should start putting my thumb in the corner to prove I was there……. So anyways, we went back to Swallow Falls. Swallow Falls Park actually has 3 falls, Muddy Creek Falls…

I didn’t get a picture this time of Swallow Falls or Indian Falls, but trust me they were impressive- so impressive that my camera ran out of batteries when we got to them. I did get a good number of pictures though……you know before the dying……

There were ginormous squish you dead where you stand and your little dog too rocks being supported by wee little rocksThese are remarkable because these squish you dead rocks loom over you as you walk along the path. The Hemlock trees are what I refer to as the Maryland redwoods…..
And now for the fairy inspired portion of our blog post……..

And what family vacation is complete without a picture of your kids in front of a tree?

Later on we returned to the cabin where there were magnificent artworks in process:
And of course the super illegal baby kungfu fights:(wee bit of useless trivia for you…. Darius there is older than Danny by 3 months and yet they are the same size).

The trip was awesome, then we headed home where I Kinneared even more family vacation photos:

Check out that sweet fish mailbox.

Then there was the lone yarn shop/hair salon:

And as we drove through the Laurel Highlands I totally got the impression that those Uniontown Pennsylvanians really really dig their statuary… not only did we pass a 7ft tall hunter, then later a 10 foot black bear….. but we also passed these 15ft tall dueling stags

We had a super awesome time, well except of course for the Hot Flying Popcorn Swarms which were way worse than last year…..
That’s why you have to seriously take cans of spray butter with you.



  1. Jenn said,

    August 20, 2007 at 8:21 pm

    Deep Creek: Now with kung-fu baby action! I’ve never been there, we were talking about it last year, but Tom seemed to think that most of the rental places were for multi-family groups, not 2 people and a dog.

  2. sunneshine said,

    August 20, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    wow, what a cool vacation! And how lucky are you to have a family that you would like to vacation with… My favorite is the hair salon/yarn shop. All in one 🙂 Welcome back!

  3. Stepherz said,

    August 21, 2007 at 8:04 am

    Awesome! I’m so glad you guys had fun. How was Daniel on the drive? He’s about the age Noah was when we took our first trip back home. Noah screamed everytime we got in the car. It was miserable. But Noah has never liked car rides.

    And WHOA! Hasn’t Daniel gotten big? I love the punching pic. He’s already such a boy!

  4. jenica said,

    August 28, 2007 at 3:10 am

    i am so loving this post. it’s taking me forever to catch up on blogs, sorry for the lack o’ love.

    i’m loving the bowling pics too. who woulda thunk?

    go danny! you’ve gotta start fighting young when you’re the youngest in the brood.

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