I’ve Come Down With Something

It appears that I have caught the summer knitting doldrums. I want to knit something… I want to….. really….. but I don’t really have the energy to do so. Its not because of Daniel, frankly he’s the quietest most undemanding baby I’ve had. As I read through lots of blogs (and catch up from the hospital stay) it appears that alot of other knitters are having the same issue…. so unless there was a rash of baby births to knitters that has gone undocumented, I’m blaming the summer doldrums.

On the other hand, I did receive an invite from Ravelry today. I’m Stephieface on there as well. I’m not going to go into really telling all about it, because chances are you already know if you are an avid blog reader. Its cool- I’ll say that- and the Mister is super jealous that I was able to get in on the beta version of anything (he’s been trying forever to get in on the Warhammer online beta).

I may try my hand at a pattern I saw over at Magknits for the Nereides Stole and make it into a blanket for Daniel. Only the finest of puke catchers for my boy I say!


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  1. Stepherz said,

    July 12, 2007 at 3:50 pm

    He’s beautiful! I mean handsome. No, beautiful! It’s ok to call a newborn boy “beautiful”!

    I’m so glad he’s been easy for you. My Austin was my easy one. Though I guess he needed to be easy considering I was only 19 and didn’t have a lick of sense yet. If his goodness is a reflection of how good a mommy I was, I did pretty alright then!

    Post some pics of what you decide to knit! I love seeing what you create.

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