Garter Stitch Is The Devil

I remember, when I first started knitting, that I used to make tons and tons of garter stitch thingies. I never quite made a scarf, but I did turn all my wee little garter squares into pouches and cozies- just being happy and ecstactic that I was able to accomplish this thing called knitting.

That was, however, about 5 years ago- I am not so enthused with garter anymore. I should be, its the easiest of all knitting stitches. Any knitter can do it in their sleep, while they talk, while they watch TV, while they somehow simultaneously wash the dishes and listen to a book on tape. For me, right now, garter is the devil. Having now been working on The Biggest Dishcloth in the World v2 is what has brought me to this.

I am really really really hating my past decision to Cast On 100 stitches right now… really. After 11″ of garter I can rightfully say….


Why am I doing this again?
Yes, the black and white stripes aren’t exact, or even, or the same. That’s the only bit of “random” that I’ve thrown in there… I think it will look better that way when I drop the stitches and do the plaid weaving. You can also see Beans trying to get into the pic there at the bottom.

My sister will be here tomorrow, which will be funny to see actually, since we’re both pregnant. She’s a month or so behind me. I hope she has some grand adventures tonight in the Great Fridge Move Of 2007. She and my BIL Bracco are on their way up here hauling with them a new fridge for here from Virginia (whew, say that five times fast). The last time my sister came up here she got lost twice I think and ended up in a very bad part of town in the process. Hopefully she will have good adventures this go round… maybe some Virginia possums (see #4) will have snuck aboard their truck to stowaway to Pittsburgh.

Pretty soon, Mother’s Day will be here. I’ve been thinking alot about what I’d like most if someone were to buy me a gift…..
A multi pic locket for a multi kid family, but in gold. I only say gold because I can only wear gold earrings (4 in each ear….rawk) and the only other jewelry I wear, my wedding rings, are gold. Clearly I already have one in silver- but if one existed in gold that did not cost a human organ…. I would like it. My favorite part about this locket? Aside from being all foldy and Maxwell Smarty secrety (I would so kill for a phone shoe)? That fact that it has 4 frames…. one for each Conley boy.

So, now I must return to my week’s adventures of Spring Cleaning (mmmm…fumes and scrubbing crayon marks) and preparing for the new fridge. Ahhhh, the third trimester…… only 90 days til shoe tying, no waddle, can bend over freedom!


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