When Good Plans Good Bad…. The New Fox Special

So, today I had to take the Flying Diaperinis to a doctors appointment. I had made the appointment for 10:30. Now, it has been my past experience that if I get there early enough they can take us earlier and we get out faster. I picked 10:30 because its right in the middle of the morning. We’ve been up for a while and still have a good two hours or so before the Mister has to go to work.

So I package up the FDs and we head out at 9, which is good because apparently all Pittsburgh road work is delayed to start until the day after Easter… you know, today. We get to the doctor’s office at 9:40, almost a full hour before out scheduled appointment………………….

And we didn’t get seen to until 11. Apparenly, unbeknowest to me, the day after Easter is also when all the Pharmecutical reps go from doc office to doc office leaving samples and whatnot… refusing to leave until the doc signs their ‘We were here’ papers. We didn’t get to leave the office until 12:10.

What I learned today? never plan anything the day after Easter when people are still hopped up on potato salad, ham, and chocolate bunny heads.

From my last post I bring you the Boondock Saints:If you haven’t seen this movie, you should, the beginning with what happens vs what the cops theorize happened is hilarious. Willem Dafoe is awesome, but he does get a little weird near the end. If you can, see the version with the extra deleted scenes and after the movie watch the one where the boys are on a long distance to Ireland phone call with their mom….. one day when all my boys are grown and I’ve obviously lost my mind…. I’m going to be her- I know it.

I’m still plugging away on the Biggest Dishcloth in the World v2. The original can be seen here. Couple things so far….

  • If, when you were beginning to learn how to knit, you tired of making garter stitch squares… do not attempt this- you will hate it. I casted on 100 stitches (less than the original Calorimetry CO number) and I have about 6 inches knitted up- it feels like its taking forever [but I am determined to finish it because 1) I love intentionally dropping stitches and 2) I’d hate to face the curse of the Yarn Harlot and have the baby waiting to be born until its blanket is finished…. no endless WIP for this blankey].
  • Remember when deciding on your cast on number that dropping the stitches will make your blanket automoatically become wider. For some reason I forgot this, I could have very well got away with CO 75 or even CO 50……. but nooooooo I CO 100. I say remember this, because you’ll have to knit the piece longer to accomadate for the dropping stitches making it wider- you are making a blanket not a shawl.
  • Make sure you are working with yarn you like, with this project…. stash busting your acrylic that’s been hogging up space in your stash may not be a good idea. Just trust me on this one.

At Easter yesterday I was once again heralded with catcalls of impending twinage….. and I’m not talking about my rack. Please people, +1 new kid is really enough- really.



  1. ~Donna~ said,

    April 9, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    Yeah, there’s that whole planning thing again…

  2. Fyberduck said,

    April 10, 2007 at 3:06 am

    Ooooh, Irish Hotness. I shall rent it as soon as I get back to the movie-place-thingy.

    Twins? Nooooo. Nooooo.

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