I Loves Me Some Craftster Swaps

So, as you may know (as I mentioned it many times) I recently participated in the Craftster Springtime in Discworld Swap. Yesterday I received my swap package from Serial Crafter, and it was awesome. Some highlights include:

Yarn! What knitter doesn’t like getting yarn?
Some of the yarn she dyed herself…. I LOVE Koolaid dyed yarn, it always smells so fruity.

These are just highlights mind you, the big post about everything she sent me is being saved for Craftster where she can bask in the accolades from the other particiating Craftsters as is appropriate.

In the package were some stitch markers that are awesome! I ADORE the little hearts on them.
Aren’t they awesome?

And probably one of my favoritest items in the package was this:
A Discworld on the back of the Great A’tuin Door stop! I had explained to her about how the Flying Diaperinis will oftentimes use a car or some random other toy to pick the bathroom door lock….. this is my next line of defense, a door stop behind the door! I know, you’re squeeing with jealousy right now (about the door stop part, and not the getting locked picked on) aren’t you?

She sent me ALOT of other stuff, so if you are curious as to what else I received in my gotten goods go ahead and follow the link… you can also see what the other partner pairs sent one another as well.

Thank You So Much Serial Crafter!!!

There is alot of excitement around Chez Stephieface, my sister will be going to her sonogram this week… the sonogram where she learns whether she’s birthing me a niece or a nephew. Its all very exciting! Along those same exciting news, I have an OB appointment this week as well. I’m secretly hoping its the one where they sign you up for the Glucose test, because I secretly love the drink (the orange, not the sprite)….mmmmmmmmm…… Though, my nurses do get a giggle when I call to check if my latest OB appointment is a ‘Should I Shave My Legs’ appointment. As shown in a previous post awhile ago, the baby belly makes leg shaving enter that realm known as “Cirque De Soleil Contortionism-like Activities”…. so its good to be prepared beforehand.

My eyebrows have almost completely grown back now. Now we enter that nerve wracking time where I have to trim them back (like hedges). Here’s hoping I don’t lose them again.

AND in other news, this weekend I’ve learned about a breed of person who pours over websites in their free time to try and create drama for other people. Its a weird breed of person (I mean, really, that’s alot of free time), but there you go. To those people I say this… check out this link… and please dedicate the same amount of time you spend looking for whatever on other sites to this site. You may find something there much more condusive to your free time spending efforts.


1 Comment

  1. Fyberduck said,

    March 25, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    You are the biggest tease I have had the dubious fortune to meet ;D

    Don’t bother to shave your legs, just pretend your Parisian (hehehe). (Or, you know, a medieval woman, if that’s better.)

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