I’m Living In A Purple Haze….

The time change, though only an hour, has really affected my children…. and because I am a grown adult I often think “Oh good Lord, its 7:30… which means its really pretty much 6:30… uuuuggggghhhhhh” with a great flourishing roll of the eyes. My kids appear to be waking earlier while going to bed later… apparently Daylight Savings Time only applies in the morning. So let me interject this brief moment to yawn and shake my fist at the injustice of it all….


As reported in my last post, I’ve started selling off my yarn farming crops. There are some that I can’t bear to part with… like this one ginormous ball of really scratchy wool (that even after 4 years of using it in projects is still bigger than a softball) or at least one ball from every sweater I’ve taken apart in the last couple months or so (my favorite so far being the purple one above). I have to go to the store and get a couple more sweaters today, as well as mail off my first yarn sale…whoopee! I have a lovely customer, from a town nearby where I grew up as a kid, who bought the big skein of the grey wool I had listed in my shop.
The Mister is somewhat perplexed by this, but rather enjoys the good mood taking the sweaters apart puts me in. He was also confused as to why I sit and stress over names for the yarn.

M: What are you doing?
Me: (sigh) Trying to think of a witty name for this yarn.
M: Why? Why not just list it as ‘Green Yarn’? (looking at me like I’m a crack smoker)
Me: Beacause that’s boring, it has to have something that makes it pop from all the other shops that sell ‘Green Yarn’. (I say, putting sarcastic emphasis on ‘Green Yarn’… possibly even using my fingers for air quoting) Besides, I set a standard with ‘Burning Sensation’ and ‘Draining the Lizard’… I can’t allow for disappointment.

Confused as he may be, he does get mild amusement from what I come up with… including the names I veto myself for being “too much” (which means its actually really over the top) like my “Little Red Corvette” yarn might have actually debuted as the “Ooops, I Popped My Cherry” yarn. Even I, have limits…. though no one could ever convice me to change the name of the “Burning Sensation” bag I sold awhile ago.
And while my Mister may not have alot of patience for some of the stories I might tell, he will listen to the yarn naming ones… which makes me feel vindicated after having to listen to so many WoW stories. Some yarns I have in my shop….
Strawberry Cheesecake Goes Straight To My Ass (pink/white slub thread yarn)
Along Came A Spider With A Cold (green lace weight)
Soylent Green Is People (a pretty multifiber yarn… on tag has “3% other fiber” which I could only assume was Soylent Green since it listed everything else)
and My Sheep Has Had Some Plastic Surgery Done (85% Acrylic 15% Wool)

I am nothing if not inventive.



  1. Fyberduck said,

    March 22, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    The yarn companies should totally hire you to name their wares! I particularly like the “My Sheep Has Had Some Plastic Surgery” (laughing).

  2. Stepherz said,

    March 24, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    You are too funny! You should totally have wild names for the yarn, it makes it more fun.

    You could always ask us readers to help out, I’m sure we could assist with some wild names!

    Naming the yarn is easier than naming the baby. Now that we can’t help you with! 🙂

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