It Isn’t Easy Upkeeping A Yarn Farming Empire

I’ve got alot coming up….
The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
My 3rd wedding anniversary
Beans arriving July 12ish
The Stephieface Family’s Returning to West Pennsylginia in August

Most of these occasions require something somewhat in the way of cash… whether its gas to get there or pocket change for things to do. So, after much much much much much deliberation, I’ve decided to start selling off my yarn farming crops. I do the whole yarn farming thing as stress relief, more or less, taking sweaters apart limb from limb keeps me sane. However, I do end up with far more stash than I could ever use.
Additionally, my emotions and current mindset influence what sweaters I decide to dismember…. and sometimes this backfires badly. By backfire I mean having a crop of girlalicious yarn, then finding out I’m having another boy. You know, backfires like that. Now loooking at the girlalicious yarn, I cringe, knowing that I could make something from it but also knowing I would think of nothing but my unrequited desire to have a daughter the whole time I had to handle it. Emotions are awesome for tearing sweaters apart… but suck when it comes to using up the stash.
So, I’m selling off the extra stash in my Etsy shop so I can 1) earn some extra pocket money for the things listed at the beginning of this post 2) make room for more stash 3) and get rid of my physical yarny emotional baggage. Keep checking back for good pictures of the yarn as the Pittsburgh weather allows.

Currently I am sitting here in suspense… as stated in a few recent posts, I am participating in the Craftster Terry Pratchett swap. I’ve already made stuff, boxed it up, and sent it off to my partner. One of the rules for Craftster swaps is that you have to get the delivery confirmation option, to ward off people who say “Its in the mail” but never actually send anything. The thing about Delivery Confirmation numbers is that not only can your partner stalk their package on its way to you…. but you can stalk their package on its way to them. I already received the email notification that my partner’s package arrived yesterday… now I have to sit and nervously wait until she posts that she’s opened it. Will it be enough? Will she like it? Did I totally screw the pooch this go round?
I need TUMS… or another sweater….



  1. sunneshine said,

    March 20, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    wow, such beautiful yarn!! i envy your time and skill at yarn farming!!

  2. Fyberduck said,

    March 20, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    It will be fabulous, I am certain ^_^

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