I’ve Never Had My Ass Kicked By A Knitting Pattern Before, But There Is A First Time For Everything

Working on one of the final things for my Terry Pratchett Swap partner has taught me that my ass can INDEED be kicked by a knitting pattern. I still can’t say what it is, because I may take another crack or two at it and I’d hate to spoil the surprise for my partner. I have taken several cracks at it so far with no success. I checked a few sources and there have been no complaints about the pattern (which means no pattern mistakes), so at this point I’m beginning to think its just me.

First, I kept ending up with extra stitches.
Second, I thought I was doing a ssk wrong (which I was, I blame lack of sleep).
Thirdly, while doing what is the knitting world’s version of contortionism…. a “p2tog tbl” (purl 2 together through the back loop)… I discovered I was doing this wrong as well (Which I blame on lack of sleep and being trapped all pregnant like in a chair unable to go look it up)[btw camping chairs are not knocked up friendly].
Fourthly, after having solved all the issues I could think of…. I still end up with extra stitches.

I finally received all of my birthday presents that I mention here. I love love love the swift- more than I can ever say or describe. I am planning on sewing a case for it and am finding every excuse I can to break it out.
The spindle I’m still working on. My test drive single is all uniform in thickness and is barely slubby at all- it is however like worsted thickness as just a single. Mamma likes the fatties I suppose.

I got my WPI gauge yesterday. I do love it, really, but I think the original picture of the product was a bit of an optical illusion. Here, take a looksee to see what I mean….
Here is the picture I bought it from:

Here it is in real life:
Now, is it just me or would you think it was going to be a bit bigger as well? Honestly I like the size, I was starting to worry about just where I could keep it in its off time. But am I alone in thinking that the first picture makes it out to look a bit bigger than what it is? I had expected from the first picture , I guess, school picture day free black comb size- not stick of gum size.

The Mister asked me about why Lucian is my favorite character in Underworld. He asks me random questions like this all time, its kind of fun- because usually he can guess my answer… he’s just waiting to see if he’s right. Aside from Michael Sheen being a cutie, the reason “why” is simple……
He’s not a bad guy, he’s just reigning down righteous retribution and revenge against the people who killed his pregnant wife. How can I not get behind that? (especially as a pregnant wife?)
Its the same reason I like Eric Draven in the Crow, and Maximus in Gladiator. If I have to watch a man action movie, I migt as well enjoy the love story in it.

By the way, can I just slip in here….
I hate you American Idol. I hate you more than anything. You are not all that interesting a show to watch, even including the beginner rounds with the bad singers and the end rounds with the final four or whatever. There is absoloutely nothing so redeeming about you that you have to be two hours and FOX has to move House. Anything that upsets my regular viewing schedule is the devil. I hate you, hate you, American Idol.



  1. sunneshine said,

    March 13, 2007 at 7:04 pm

    good luck on the pattern – and personally I think p2tog tbl is the devil incarnate…

    and I am with you on American Idol, don’t get it…

  2. stella said,

    March 13, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    I second your crappy American Idol comments.

    Need more House.

  3. pins&needles said,

    March 14, 2007 at 10:24 am

    I don’t understand American Idol either. I turn the channel everytime I see something American Idol. Although finding contestants that used to be in porn is interesting sometimes.

    Ssk used to give me trouble. I’ve went through most of a pattern and unraveled it twice before I realized that I was doing it wrong. So, yes, I can sympathize on getting your ass kicked by a pattern.

  4. Stepherz said,

    March 14, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    I’ve never watched American Idol. The judges seem so pompous and arrogant. Need a rag to go with all that snot, Miss Paula Abdul?

    I hope things get better with your pattern.

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