The Biggest Dishcloth In The World!

So I began another experimental project yesterday. I am making a baby blanket comprised of several squares made from dishcloth patterns from here. So far, I have one frog cloth made… woohoo! I really wanted to knit a baby blanket, but space and portability was a huge issue… hence, its solved. Almost every single one of Purple Duckie’s patterns are CO38 so I can mix and match like mad (I’m assuming). I’ll be knitting the dragonfly one today , so we’ll see… it may just end up being all frogs- you never know. Speaking of frogs…. here is how it turns out:Not too shabby I think, I knit it while watching NCIS, House, and The Postman (and finished halfway through the Postman). One down, who knows how many to go (8? 15?) we’ll see how I feel after a few of these. I plan to just knit up a buttload of these then sew them together.

If you are watching the wee countdown bar down there at the bottom… its 5 more days until I have my sonogram where we can (hopefully!) find out what gender Beans is. I’m very very excited, next Monday seems so far away. The Mister made me promise not to make any more girly stuff until we find out for definate what Beans is. He says its because he would hate for me to go through all that effort only to discover that Beans is a boy, and how upset and dissapointed I might feel. While I can see his point- I say ‘Psssssshhhhhhhaaaaawwwww’. Somebody, somewhere, is having sex right now resulting in a baby… if Beans is yet one more in the army of the Mister’s Men…. whatever I make that is girly will go to that somebody somewhere baby. It just feels really nice making girly things for a change and looking at girly things… instead of staring with longing at all the lacey velvety dresses and whatnot that I’ve never had the oppurtunity to buy or actually look at before. 5 more freaking days!

I also went in search this weekend for the new Stephieface diaper bag. After TJ started walking, I stopped carrying a diaper bag and just started shoving a couple of diapers and a little wipies case in my regular old going out with just the Mister purse. After a few months of that, I just got rid of the diaper bags I had, they were just sitting around empty doing nothing. AND as with baby clothes, maternity clothes, and toys- I got rid of things and two or three months later found out I was pregnant. How unfair is that?
So, I went in search of the new diaper bag. I kept in mind, this go round, that contrary to my other kids (born in Sept, Oct, and Nov) that this will be a summer baby. In summer I end up carrying more stuff in my bag than in any other time of the year. Summer supplies, stripped off kiddie clothes, shoes, etc all get shoved in there- so I would have to be prepared (the summer after TJ was born I was reduced to carrying 2 bags….eeeeew). So I decided to try out another weekender bag. The best, most useful bag I owned was a weekender bag from Burlington. It was huge and had many pockets. Sadly, that sucker’s handles broke and it was ripped in several places, but the size was awesome (I could fit all my baby/diaper needs in there AND fit my knitting). Burlington had nothing I liked; they had one that was similar, but it had the very same “will break eventually” handles.
A month or two ago our friend Ben gave us a gift card to JCPenney. It was awfully nice of him, though we really don’t shop there. I decided this go round, what the hell? So, I went in and found a weekender bag that was awesome. It was on sale ($40 from $60) and in the end I had to pay the difference which was $10. So behold, my $10 diaper bag…..I know, nice- right? This picture is, however, a giant lie- it doesn’t bespeak even a miniscule molecule about how terribly ginormous this bag is. Here is my bag pictured with a 20oz Pepsi bottle for scale:See the ginormousity of it?! Its 18inches wide, 12inches tall, and 7in deep- I could carry the baby in there with the baby supplies, or at least a very skinny midget. People think I’m crazy for carrying diaper bags that big- those are the same people who juggle baby, diaper bag, and purse all at once. My diaper bag IS my purse, Beans is just going to have to give up a little room for mommy’s lip balm and wallet. Seriously, I don’t think that’s asking too much.



  1. sunneshine said,

    February 7, 2007 at 6:53 pm

    Somewhere in the world, I made one of those washcloths sewn together baby blankets. It worked really well, not as cute as yours with all the frogs (or frogs and other animals) it was just solid colors with the yarn overs for each border. But it was easy to sew up and block – easy for mom to wash and durable!!

  2. Sachi said,

    February 8, 2007 at 11:57 am

    That’s it, lady. I need your email address. You crack me up! Mine is sachis 2112 aT yah00 d0t c0m

  3. Stepherz said,

    February 9, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    Isn’t it time to knooooowww!? The suspense is killing me, Steph! Totally off the subject here, but gosh I’m on the edge of my seat! Monday is the day, right?

    Anyways, the dishcloth is beautiful. Love frogs. I saw the other patterns and think they are adorable. Can’t wait to see it all put together!

  4. Kelley said,

    February 9, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    That is the most chic diaper bag I’ve ever seen – love it!

    I can’t wait to learn the gender…

  5. Stephieface said,

    February 9, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    Monday IS the day, our appointment is at 10am. Expect a report immediately after my return!

    Thanks kelley! I am completely Anti Fluffy Bunny. I’m not against bunnies mind you, just bunnies (and anything else cute) frolicking and whatnot on the bag I have to carry more than anything else. If I must sherpa all manner of baby accessories all over creation, it WILL be in teh bag of my choosing.

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