When I Am Reckless… My Personal Soundtrack Is "The Safety Dance" – Go Figure

So I have finished the Diaper Bag Sweater. While I agree with sunneshine that the results are worth the effort, I must admit I have never in my life knit that much seed stitch before. Add to that, that halfway during its knitting (I had just got to the neck shaping) I discovered that for the last 5 years I have been twisting my purl stitches when knitting straight (rather than in the round). It happens alot, I’ve discovered, for self taught knitters to twist their purls. When I went through the book I learned from (from the Boye ‘I Taught Myself To Knit’ kit) I discovered that this could and will happen to anyone because that is how the book teaches you to purl. So, while I was feeling defensive when messageboard warriors were telling me I was wrong, wrong, wrong (doing their dance in my imagination)- when I sat down and thought about it, I felt better…. I’m not wrong for someone else teaching me incorrectly. So, why the Diaper Bag Sweater was becoming hard for me was this…. after getting halfway (and discovering this fact about my purls) I would then have to knit the remainder incorrectly, knowing with every purl that it was incorrect. So I still had to knit the front, the rest of the sleeves, and the hood all incorrectly or more accurately… twisted. But, here it is (in all its hard to photograph knitted black glory):Once I get some unfinished wooden buttons, I’ll see how well they’ll go, paint them whatever color my heart desires, and then knit on a button band. That is what I have always loved about unfinished wood buttons, you can make them match anything. Here is a size comparison pic of the Diaper Bag Sweater with the Quickie Baby Sweater I made before (also with twisted purls but I like how it turned out anyway):It’s about the same size-ish. The body is longer, the sleeves are longer, and not as wide it appears. I’ve been thinking about knitting another of the Quickies in red maybe, possibly green. Hopefully, now that I metered through it once, I can do it better in reruns. I’ll still do my little add on as well, where I add stitches to the sleeve to make it a little poofier- I really really can’t stand the sleeves in the pic on the pattern.

I also have to acquire another 1lb cone of Peaches&Cream so that I can try out my idea. My idea is to go to this site, get a couple of the dishcloth patterns (like the frog, dragonfly, bear, duckie, heart… who knows?! the madness!), knit a bunch, then sew them all together like a big patchwork blankie. I figure that because they are dishcloth patterns they won’t take forever -AND- they can viewed from either side unlike intarsia. The best part is, these patterns are all written by the same lady and all have the same Cast On number so they should be all close to the same size after knitting (which makes for easier sewing).

The funny thing is, I only allow myself one project at a time on the needles… this helps keep my “unfinished objects” (UFOs) to a very very very bare minimum. Hopefully time travel will be perfected before all these babies are born so I can go back in time and find pockets of time to knit in, THEN deliver the FO (Finished Object) before the baby is a FO.

Edited To Add: A BIG thank you to Donna who scored me the punk baby patterns from Knit1. You rock!!


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  1. Stepherz said,

    February 3, 2007 at 1:11 am

    I like the dishcloth idea. Those are some cute patterns.

    Good job on the sweaters!

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