I Love Seed Stitch, But I’m Starting To Think It Doesn’t Love Me Like I Love It

So, while I am still on knitting experimentation kick, I decided to plunk down and try out the Diaper Bag Sweater pattern I listed the other day. The entire thing is done in seed stitch. I love seed stitch, I really do- its just starting to get on my nerves. It could totally be worse, I could be knitting in nothing but stockinette………eeew I think you can just read me cringing here. After 5 hours this is my progess so far (its about equal time wise with the other sweater so far): It’s just the back and part of the arms so far, after I get done knitting 3.25 inches of sleeve I get to do some neck shaping. Woohoo. Once again I’m knitting this up with all my US10s and Bernat Softee Chunky yarn (in black).

In other news, I’m kinda sad. If you remember I recently posted a pattern for a dishcloth. I discovered today that I am not the only person to think they are clever enough to come up with that design as I found it listed as five other names and credited to 5 other people. Oh well.

So, I went shopping the other day at the grocery store, and found this is the tea aisle:The reason I mention this is because, well, its weird. There is a small notation on the canister that says “20 silken tea pouches”, and this intrigued me. I mean, its generic brand tea released by the grocery store, even the name brands I buy aren’t “silken”. So I popped it open to check it out…. Damn if it isn’t downright silken, as if it were a potpourri favor from a wedding. Seriously. I don’t know that I can make tea with something so pretty.

Sunflowerfairy got me thinking about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival already (first weekend in May). I really wanted to go last year, but couldn’t (I even tried to force my parents to go and buy me yarn- they didn’t). I’d like to go this year, I will however be 8 months pregnant by then. Oh yeah, you heard me, 8 months. I would be super easy to spot if there was Blogger Bingo… just look for the waddling short girl possibly dragging a train of kids (on the upside, I could strap my purchases to the kids like wee little alpacas and have them carry my goods around the fair). Anyone else toying with the idea of going?

ETA: A few people have mentioned to me about the punk worthy baby pattern in the Knit1 magazine. Is there anyone who can make a copy or scan of said pattern and send it my way? I have checked 4 stores already and have had no luck finding that issue.


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  1. LaSandri said,

    January 25, 2007 at 6:38 pm

    good luck on your diaper bag baby sweater! the seed stitch would drive me insane! but it looks good so far!

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