The Mystery Unravels….

My last post chronicled the making of a sweater for Bean. If you recall, even a little further past, I posted about how I have 2 SILs and a Sister who are all expecting as well.

I’m still thinking and looking for patterns for gifts (the knitted converse booties pattern will stay right at home though…muhahahahaha nanny nanny poopoo… the benefits of being the only knitter people know!!). Since I rather enjoyed the Quickie Sweater (now with teeny purple buttons [those buttons are the size/area of a pencil eraser])…I decided to go looking for a similar pattern. It was about yesterday that I discovered that the Quickie Sweater I knitted was one of many urban legended “5 Hour Baby Sweater” patterns. They are all quite similar in shape and make, some have different bells and whistles (like hoods), some have different stitch patterns, all in all though they are quite similar. I also discovered the misnomer of the 5HBS, it’s rarely ever done in 5 hours. Whoever initially named it that must have had some of the fabled knitting oompa loompas that knitters hear fairytales of, because most of the comments I read about the different assorted 5HBS patterns was that it took much longer than the fabled 5 hours- 9 hours being the average. Still, 9 hours for a whole completed baby sweater still isn’t bad if you ask me. Seriously, I look at other sweater patterns (like Interweave’s Pead Pod baby set) and the needle size makes me gag. Babies grow fast, I’d hate to spend countless days making something for the tyke that they might wear once ever. 9 hours is like I tried making the baby knitty’s calorimetry without knowing that 120 CO was too big and having to frog once or twice… otherwise known as “something not too overly committed”.
Then came hurdle #2….. one of my partners in gestation (yeah, there is nothing I could find pregnancy wise that rhymed with Crime) is having a boy, and it will be some time before we discover what the others are having. The patterns I found right away are generally girly looking. Like, if done in a boyish color I’m sure the wee babe could probably pull it off…. but its still kinda girly. So I endeavored to find a just as quick pattern that had no girly frills. I’m pretty sure I found one, or at least a few…. you could check them out if you are in the same situation as me (having to look for baby gifts… and not the knocked up bit)….
Five Hour Baby Sweater from yarn tootin the pattern is a pdf located in her sidebar
The Diaper Bag Sweater from Fran Knits this pattern is hooded and in seed stitch
The Jimmy Beans Baby Sweater Set from Jimmy beans Wool this is a pattern for sweater, hat and socks
5HBS with Bonnet, Bootie, and Hood patterns also lists the legend of the 5HBS, but the hood pattern is knitted before the sweater and you just start the sweater on the last hood row

Personally, I think that sweater patterns should have a pic of a real live baby in the sweater and not a doll. I equate a picture of a doll with “tiny” or “no chance in hell it’s gonna fit”. I wanna a see a real 9 pounder in that getup so I know it will work. However, if you do get corraled into a baby shower, its nice to know you can give up a weekend and get a buttload of things made without too much hassle (like a sweater and a set of 5S washcloths).
That would be the weekend to finally sit down and watch that entire series of your choice DVD box set that you have, but never crack open except for the odd episode here and there. Firefly/Angel/Buffy are awesome choices, massive menu manipulations aside (you’ll have to fiddle with the remote a bit). For me, Deadwood, because I think I get a small bit of perverse glee knitting something for a baby with all that cussing and sex going on. Princess Bride/Rocky Horror/Kevin Smith Movies/Jim Henson Puppet movies (labyrinth and darkcrystal) are all excellent movies because you can just listen and repeat the lines along with the movie (you KNOW you do, don’t deny it).

So…. yesterday I had my 14 week appointment. I got to listen to Bean’s heartbeat (still awesome cool) and the babe clocked in at 154 bpm. Sam and TJ were both super active babies in utero, never once clocking in at anything less that 165 bpm. The doc apologized for doubting my calenderific knowledge of when me and the Mister do the nasty. I feel somewhat vindicated. They also signed me up to get THE sonogram, you know the one, the one we’ve been waiting for – the appointment for that is on 2/12, and don’t think for a second I won’t come on here and blab it all out…….. with pictures. You can check the countdown to THE sonogram below.



  1. Stepherz said,

    January 19, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    Yayyy! I can’t wait! 24 days and counting…

  2. ~Donna~ said,

    January 19, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Of course I talk along with the movies…the only way to knit. I knit my best during LOTR I, II, and III, The Mummy, awe hell, just about every DVD I freakin’ own.

    I did have sonograms, but we asked not to know.

  3. Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said,

    January 19, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Ack!! Ok I can wait. But I have my feelings and now that I’m a preggo and I was right about mine, I have a false sense of confidence.

    Firefly is awesome knitting tv.

  4. Donna said,

    January 19, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    Yay I love Rocky Horror and Labrynth. And yes I talk along with the movie and sometimes spout out lines when the movie is not on.

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