Sometimes Free Patterns Are Free For A Reason…

As you might be aware (if you’re aren’t, congrats on avoiding it after the continuous shoving of it down throats that I do on here) I am pregnant. And, as you may not be aware, pregnancies come in threes. This, by no means, insures that I am carrying triplets… hardly… it does mean however that usually three people you know are all pregnant at the same time.
When I was pregnant with Sam the three were myself, my friend Megan, and the wife of one of my Mister’s friends.
When I was pregnant with TJ the three were myself, my Sister-in-Law (SIL) Melissa, and The Mister’s ex/Zach’s mother.
With this one the three are myself, my SIL Rachel, and my SIL Stephanie (in another turn of events… that would be three pregnant Stephanies as well…. myself, the SIL, and Stephanie from here.) My sister is again as well, which means that there’s space for two more…. so practice safe rubbing of elbows.

So, as so many chicks are having babies, this means that baby shower season will soon me upon me. This also means that if I intend to make anything for them…. I better get cracking now. Most likely, if I were to make a sweater, the sweater would go unworn as both girls having their firsts aren’t really the baby sweater type. So, I’m stuck as to what to make (cause really, making is more the option with my budget of $0). Here is a list of what is possible:

  • Knitted Baby Socks
  • Blanket
  • Hat
  • Mittens
  • Toy
  • Bath stuff

After alot of deliberation I found a few possible (read hundreds) patterns that will work. And since I have about two and a half months before the first shower, I decided to try one out. So, on baby shower chopping block #1 we have………………….
Lion Brand’s Knitted Bunny Blanket Buddy(if you haven’t ever signed up with Lion Brand to view their free patterns, you’ll have to now to see the pattern) and this is what the picture in the pattern looks like. You start knitting at the bottom point and knit up. It’s all in garter for the most part and is relatively easy all the way up to the head. I knit bottom to neck in two hours. However, since this is an experiment I’m not using the pattern yarn (The Lion Brand Velvetspun) and instead am using some leftover Peaches ‘n Cream I had in my stash.
What gave me issue is Row 64 where you begin to P1 Sl1 across the row and repeat until the head measures 3.5in. It sounds easy enough, right? Well, when I was slipping the stitches I was slipping them knitwise (I’ve always done Sl’s this way unless otherwise specified) and what ended up is rows of stitches I can barely get my needles in to. So I started slipping purlwise and have found a much easier time. Maybe I’m just a silly butt and should have known I was supposed to do this at the start. I am currently an inch into the head, then come the ears….woohoo. If nothing else the bottom part (minus the extra stitches for the knotty arms) would do alright for wash/dish cloth. Especially since baby wash cloths are insanely small… its like washing your baby with something the size of a toilet paper square. When I make the final bunny I will embroider a different face, the one in the pattern pic just seems kind of snotty smarmy to me. I also don’t know that I’ll use the Lion Brand yarn called for in the pattern (I mean, aside from the fact that I would have to break my budget of $0) but I figure that a toy like this will be lugged around alot and drooled on… so a nice washable absorbant cotton may be more in line.

We’ll see if I even want to make this pattern by the end, because with patterns… the more trouble I have the less I want to do a repeat (even though I know all the fixes now) … take the Calorimetry from Knitty as an example. I knit and frogged it twice because it was so freaky huge before I just cast on less stitches…. and I only have the one.

Oooooo I just got the Knit Picks catalog in the mail….. off I go to drool….



  1. Brooklyn Frank said,

    January 6, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    knitters have an underrated sex appeal.

  2. Kitty <3 said,

    January 7, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    I say knit booties. Who doesn’t love baby booties?! I love them, you love them…lol okay. Maybe it’s just me. 🙂

    Seriously though, I have a book full of patterns, just email me and ask for one. If they are punk rock-ish, I have an ultra cute pattern for Converse style booties.

    I don’t have a problem. 😀

  3. Stephieface said,

    January 7, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    Oooo I do like the Converse Booties.

  4. sunneshine said,

    January 8, 2007 at 11:39 am

    For starters I love the Lion’s Brand newsletter – the patterns are usually good!! And when you sl, always do it purlwise unless the pattern says differently (not to be a know-it-all, it really is from past disasters!). I do like the bunny washcloth. I am making one from some blue sky cottons for my gs for easter – or at least its on the list! The converse booties do sound cute, though….

  5. Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said,

    January 12, 2007 at 11:29 am

    Well.. my cousin-in-law is pregnant. And technically the first “month” I was pregnant, a friend was pregnant (she had the baby 2 days after I found out I was).

    Yay for preggos.

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