Why Its Weird Being An Adult With Children

I think I just figured out why I always thought my parents were weird as I was growing up… I mean aside from the fact that they just are…. it must have been hard for them really with what I discovered today.

Today, I put Muppets in Space (VHS, not DVD) in for the Flying Diaperinis to watch. Mind you, had it been a DVD I would have scooted past the commercials and whatnot straight to the menu- but with tapes you just let it play. They had the before movie commercials and previews, and it was then that I saw one I had seen a few times before other movies…. the Stuart Little Movie preview. For some reason, the preview was bothering me…. not like a bad bother, but more like a bother that something is there that I should notice but don’t know what. It was then that I saw it, the thing that was bothering me that I had not known before….. Stuart Little’s Dad is the same guy who plays House,MD. Its weird knowing one of your favorite rude TV buttholes is a prominent figure in children’s entertainment… at least regarding interspecies adoption movies.

So back to knitting, I finished my Knitted Lacy Round Cloth and I only had a little bit left. I discovered that the first’s lack of two last points was due to a somewhat already depleted skein of Peaches & Cream. I made another starting with a new skein and was able to pull out a 18 pointer with mad leftover. See?I neglected to photograph the “mad leftover”, but I assure you there is a good bit left… enough for a Stephieface style Soap Saver if I so wished:
As well, because of Chez Stephieface’s lack of non icky washcloths, I started setting up shop to make more, step one of which was buying one of those huge 1lb cones of Peaches & Cream (like this, although this is not my pic)Mine is in the “Daisy Ombre” which has whites and yellows like the Soap Saver above. However, knitting off a knitting machine destined cone isn’t really my style- not to mention impossible for quick portability. So I broke the big cone down into smaller cakes with Caitho and got this: If you would, imagine a 6th cake in there stacked with all the rest and not already dented with knitting. Deal wise, I have to say it was better overall buying the 1lb cone than the individual little 2oz balls… even at Walmart. Downside, you are stuck with 6 cakes of one color. Upside, its 6 cakes that you got cheaper than buying 6 balls. Future plan- get together with other cotton yarn buyers and each chip in $6 or so, buy a couple of the 1lb cones, cake them, and distribute the different colored cakes amongst the chippers so there is variety and no one is stuck with 6 cakes of one color (unless they REALLY like that color).

In my last post, Kelley left this comment:
“The Lacy Round Cloth is beautiful; seeing that kind of thing inspires me to learn to knit. I am so impressed by the number of bloggers who can knit, and I feel left out of the trend! It just seems too involved for my crafting capabilities. I do the occasional cross stitch, but that is much simpler.

About a year ago, I went to Michael’s and I purchased one of those children’s “learn to crochet” kits. I figured that was the place to start, right? I was completely overwhelmed by the complexity of it all by about step 3 of the illustrated instructions. I’m waiting for my dignity to recover before I set foot in a craft store again!”

Its not that involved, but of course I would say that- I’ve been doing it a bit. I started with the Boye “I Taught Myself To Knit” kit from Walmart for $10 (they have a crochet one too). Couple things about the kit, it gave me darn near everything I would ever need to knit (except yarn) all in one kit, and the 10″ needles that came in the kit (set of size 6 and8) are still by far my favoritest needles I own and are like knitting with butter. I have no idea why stand alone (not in kit) Boye needles aren’t this spiffy, but whatever. While this kit taught me to cast on and do the knit stitch (I promptly lost the booklet and it took me two years to discover how to purl) it was easy enough to follow (and I still have every single accessory that comes in the kit- just no book). Also in the good and valuable category is the Debbie Stoller Stitch’nBitch books, which were filled with a good bit of info.
And for those people who do knit already, go check out Kelley’s blog- you’ll love it…. I promise.

The Mister mocked me yesterday upon learning that I went thru the TV schedule and wrote down the shows of worth and taped it to my calender… he just doesn’t understand how much I hate flipping and the fact I can’t remember crap about network TV, aside from Numb3rs and Farscape. Humph……. Misters.



  1. Stepherz said,

    November 8, 2006 at 10:39 pm

    I think knitting is addictive. I loved it. I have put it on the backburner for a bit, as 3 children and 40 hours of work leaves me with no time for hobbies. But soon! I will be! An Addict again!! Watching your projects and posts makes me miss it.

  2. Kelley said,

    November 9, 2006 at 11:34 am

    Thanks for the mention, as well as for…emphasizing my embarrassing crafting ineptitude. 😉

    It is funny when the worlds of children’s entertainment and adult entertainment collide. Remember when Pee Wee Herman got busted in an adult movie theater? Or when Bob Saget’s career took a turn into raunchy stand-up comedy? Oh, and that girl from PBS who got fired after a shocking, mock-PSA film surfaced? So, so weird, but it seems to happen all the time!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they find posthumous evidence that Mr. Rogers was a swinger, or something…

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