Go Go Hurty Stephie

I usually post on the same schedule as the guys from Penny Arcade, Monday-Wedenesday-Friday, but yesterday I could not for I was indeed…… hurty…. hurty ouchy oh lordy even. On Wednesday I revealed my trip plans for the weekend, and now that I am home I wonder if before I left I was an old person in a convalescence home requiring people to turn me lest I get bed sores…. because I didn’t do much, but you would think I never move with the amount of hurty I have going on.

I hurt in places I never knew I had places.

I fell more than I can ever remember- AND I almost ended up in a frigid lake….. good times good times.

Here is a weekend overview:

  • I almost fell into the frigid lake
  • I fell outside the mess hall
  • I fell in the fake castle under the stairs
  • I fell in the fort
  • I fell up the stairs to the girls’ cabin
  • I fell down a sloping log encrusted path
  • I fell off a little bridge over a creek
  • I landed in mud
  • I landed in more mud than I can ever remember falling in
  • Rich people would pay thousands to fall in as much mud as I did this weekend
  • I ate pie
  • I met a nice married couple who live near me
  • I have requests for my shop
  • Some girl turned the thermostat in our cabin up to like 90* and I woke up the next morning simmering in my own juices

It was though a good time. I took my camera with me, but didn’t take a single picture- is that lame or what?

by the way, fake eyelashes rock- that is all.


1 Comment

  1. Sachi said,

    October 24, 2006 at 2:46 pm

    Gosh. You sound like me, what with the hurty and the fally…

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