Oh My God!! The Humanity!!!!

Yeah, I couldn’t come up with a witty post title.. so there you go.

So….. yesterday I sent off Kaity’s prize for winning the Stephieface Button contest. I hope its in colors she likes…… it has ……..[looks around for Kaity] ……..plaid. It also has one gigantor pocket to keep your WIP pattern in, and your little pouch of needles and whatnot as well if you like. It has a button. Snazy no? And it has a wee pocket on the outside that can hold a bus transfer slip, gum, or if one was so inclined (and I didn’t try this) protection. I truly believe in safe knitting. Congrats again Kaity. Now if I can just remember how to put it in the sidebar I’d be set.

I’ve often forgot the craft cram I used to endure on a monthly basis, and I was reminded this week. I know, it does sound dirty… doesn’t it? In any case, it may be something you actually can relate to, despite its dirty name. I am going to a LARPing event this weekend (where I dress up in corsetry and what not) the draw is that there are a bunch of people there wanting to buy my stuff.. so there is incentive for me to go. But, when I used to go all the time there was the week’s worth of Craft Cramming right before the event. Everyone would wait until the week of to ask me to make stuff for them… and I, being the giant push over that I am, I would agree. The Craft Cram Week was my own personal hell week. Why I did it so often to myself only shows how much I must have really hated myself at some time. Obviously I hated myself because I rarely got stuff done, or done well. There were times when one could see me sewing away at my sewing machine 5 minutes before the event is set to begin. I have brought my sewing machine with me and had small yet essential pieces break in transit finding me scurrying for a macguyver-esque fix to finish something I promised to have done before then. I have always sucked at deadlines…. even my kids weren’t born on time (Sam was 2 weeks late and TJ was 1.5 weeks early). In any case, I have been trying to make sure that I get stuff I promised to get done before the event- done.
In a revealing moment of true honesty… do you want to know why I get so behind? Its cause I make stuff for myself and push everyone else to the wayside…. terrible, I know!!!!
See this? This is me hard at work on someone’s something before the event…..
Look at my fingers fly! Look at the action!! The Suspense!!!


1 Comment

  1. Severina said,

    October 19, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    You know, ever since you changed your template it’s been crashing my browser!

    Not that that has anything to do with you crafting yer fingers to the bone. Go Steph go! Rah!


    OK, I still have some flu leftovers and I’ve had way too much caffeine today.

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