Do Do Do Doooooooooo…. The Winner Is……

Before I get to the winner, I would like to thank those who entered.

Thank you those who entered!

Believe it or not I only had three entries for the contest. The argyle background was used by all of you (great minds think alike!) which will fit perfectly with what I have. Since I only had three entries, or rather three people who entered I’ll show you what they all sent.

Zeeppo sent me this one:

Lani sent me this one:

And Kaity, who was also the winner, submitted this one:

So thank you all for entering, I shall be contacting Kaity about her prize soonishly.

Meanwhile, in other news, I added a few things to my shop, like so……
A red bag with acorn lining

A houndstooth pattern bag with black lining (with a wee pocket)

I made another Swearengen scarf, this time in a fuzzy homespunesque like yarn
I know, my eyes are scary huge, right?

And right now I am working on another pair of shop destined fingerless gloves, because… let’s face it… I’m destined to knit them. In TLC Essential, color “Falling Leaves”

If you look closely you can see my kick ass stitchmarker I got from here which was like 8 stitchmarkers for $4 and no shipping costs which is a pretty sweet deal.

While watching Sesame Street with the Flying Diaperinis today, it just sort of hit me how creepy cookie monster can be sometimes, really.



  1. Obsidian Kitten said,

    October 7, 2006 at 12:35 pm

    i love cookie monster
    i hear cookies are only a “sometimes snack” nowadays though, no wonder he’s become scary

    i love squirrels, too
    yay squirrels!

    and bats, i’m all about the bats

  2. msfortuknit said,

    December 27, 2006 at 2:49 pm

    Look at you go! How wonderful!

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