Fingerless Gloves Are My Socks

Not like actually wearing them as socks, but as far as knittery goes. Sock knitters knit socks all the time, like Terri Lee Royea (who has a kick ass sock tutorial if you’ve never tried sockery[in an unrelated note I seem to be adding ‘ery’ to everything lately]) socks are the project they can do with their eyes blinfolded (unless its that potowhatsit sock). With that in mind, fingerless gloves are that way for me and everyone seems to want a pair. Of course, I hang out with alot of Live Action Roleplayers who appreciate the wonders of being able to stash things in a glove that are normally unable to be stashed (like medical size popsicle sticks….long story). Next up is a set of gloves in the Shamrock KnitPicks yarn in the Dougherty colorway (that’s the very green one).

I truly hate to admit it, but I think I am in love with Ian McShane from Deadwood. Well, that is a total lie- I know I am. The fact that he is a slightly overweight older gentlemen only speaks volumes of his charisma. Its true. Quite honestly, it wasn’t until I looked him up on the Internet Movie Database that I realized who he was. He was that guy. I know that’s totally revealing isn’t it? The importance of that guy is huge, and you’ll soon see why. When I was younger I used to watch older movies, a practice garnered from sticking around on the channel that hosted Sunday Morning Kung Fu Theatre after the last throat chop was thrown. You yourselves may have watched the same channel in your younger years…. the schedule was basically the same regardless of where you were in the US….

The Little Rascals
The Three Stooges
Kung Fu Theatre
A Random Danny Kaye and/or Bob Hope Movie
Some Random Black and White Movie from the early 60’s or early 70’s

Now, as I look through the Imdb list of Ian McShane movies I see alot of movies I have watched before (that only seem familiar because the title rings a vague bell) during that black and white early 60’s or 70’s movie slot. So then I naturally googled Ian McShane and discovered………… he was one of two men who utterly defined what I found physically attractive in men during my formative years, and who would be the standard I would use to forever dictate which men were my ‘thing’. Really. I mean… how could you not? Ian McShane was Jude Law before Jude Law was a glimmer in Mr Law’s eye- proof!

I can also not ignore my discovery that it was Ian McShane who played my FAVORITEST HEATHCLIFFE OF ALL TIME!

I can also not ignore the fact that he was Sitting Target with the other definition of what I consider manly and hotness…. Oliver Reed

Ian McShane was totally that guy. I told the Mister that he had to write to Mr McShane and thank him for imprinting on my then young 80’s soaked brain that dark brooding machismo was what I would desire in my future mate….. you know, rather than the alternative….


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  1. Severina said,

    September 19, 2006 at 10:15 pm

    Hmmmm, I thought I had put an amusing post here but Blogger appears to have eaten it.

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