Deadwood Is An Awesome Show… But The Title Does Make Me Snicker So….

So, this past weekend, the Mister and I got curious about the HBO show Deadwood. So while we were at the inlaws’ we decided to check out an episode or two. Mind you, I was never really one for westerny type things…. well I totally lie… I was never one for traditional westerny type things. I had my love affair with Young Guns and of course Young Riders , then there is also westerny like Firefly… but Clint Eastwood and John Wayne type westerns never really did it for me. So the idea of Deadwood started to escape me, but we had just recently watched the HBO series ROME, so I was intrigued to see if this was as good.

Oh yes…. yes indeedy it is.

Of course, if you are looking to create a drinking game simply to get kerschnookered in the least amount of time…. Deadwood is your show…. You just have to pick words like the F-bomb or (sorry mom!) Cocksucker… you’d be 3 sheets to the wind in as many minutes surely. Though typically, the Mister and I go for shows where the main chracters are good guys, like Millenium. The main character, Frank Black, was a good guy. Deadwood, however, is really all about the bad guys, and in a way its okay. Though, if you are the type to balk at overdoses of random nudity, it may not be for you, because they have nekkidness every chance they can get.

On the knitting front….. Here is my most recent project… yet more fingerless gloves:

I’m not a big fan of really long gloves which is why they are short. They are knit mainly in 2×1 rib (except the black, that’s just plain stockinette). The black yarn is from a sweater recon a while ago, and the other is the Knit Picks Shamrock in the Kelley Colorway. The Shamrock is very thick and not at all scratchy. When the skeins arrived in the mail I was somewhat nervous of their size, they’re quite small, and I had only bought 3 skeins each in a different colorway. So when I decided to make the gloves, this is why I opted for the black stripe. I think it was a good decision on my part since this was all I had left at the end of two gloves with a different colored stripe:

It looks like alot, but really it isn’t. What it does leave is a nice amount to do some duplicate stitched intarsia if I wanted, which I have been considering in the black stripe. At $2.49 a ball its not bad either, actually rather good considering you can get an almost set of gloves out it. So provided you have a coordinating yarn you can get a nice set of gloves out of a ball… err rather mittens more like.

More to add later……

This morning I awoke and came back to this post…. only to see my handless pic of the gloves glaring at me. Mind you, Stephieface and Perfectionist are not two words that go together, but the pic I had posted irked me to no end.
Was it the colors?
Was it the setting?
Was it the posing? (as much as laying a glove on a table is posing)
Was it that it was tooooooo early in the morning and I was just likely very grumpy?
As realistic as each of these questions are, I deducted that it was my gloves had no hand. Gloves are jazzhandiest when they have hands in them. So, off I went to take a picture of my own hand.

See? They look marvelous with a hand job (it HAD to be said…. I’m sorry….. I told you I have been watching too much Deadwood). I do have to say that I hate taking one handed pics. Because I’ve had to take so many for listing in my shop, I’ve really grown to dislike the one handed shot. Alot of people are asking at this moment….
“But Stephieface, do you not have a Mister? He could take pics for you.”
And I would reply….
“Oh surely I do, but he takes terrible pictures like this-”
“-and I surely cannot rely on his photographer skills.” Like, for instance…. which child is that? I know who it is for I know the secret, but what child is this that we must keep his identity secret? Have I indeed given birth to pastey unearthly glowing children who can light the world with their luminesence at night? Is that indeed a ghostly visitor in the upper left hand corner like I have seen so often when Sylvia Browne guest hosts the Montel Williams show? So, as you can see…. I must take the pictures myself!

But the gloves are cute… aren’t they?



  1. Stephanie said,

    September 13, 2006 at 10:56 am

    Gloves are cute. Not so sure about the pastey unearthly glowing children. They’re kinda scary.

  2. Severina said,

    September 18, 2006 at 10:30 am

    At least when the power goes out you can read by the kiddies’ heads. Hurricane season’s just getting started.

    You know, I keep trying to get this UFO pile down to at least Volkswagen-sized but I go and read other people’s blogs and see yet more damn projects to add. Thanks Steph!

    And I just finished some fool fingerless gloves. I shouldn’t want/need any more. I shouldn’t, but I do.

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