Sachi Tempts Me With Quizzes…And More!

Sometimes when I visit Sachi’s blog, she becomes the siren of online quizzes… luring me to my doom with one I haven’t taken. Like this one:

What Monty Python Sketch Character are you?

You are a waitress! You’re destined to serve Spam and Lobster Thermidor to Vikings every single day of your life…
Take this quiz!

See? Tempting, isn’t it?

In other news, my online store has been hopping. I have made 6 sales since yesterday (Fri)- how awesome is that? So pretty much everything I busted my ass to make and put into my shop this weekend was already purchased. On one hand this excites me to no end, let me tell you. On the other, I begin to wonder if maybe I’m not selling the stuff for enough and since its all so cheap is why its getting snapped up so fast. Oh well, I can’t really complain in any case you know? I opened a shop to sell stuff, so I can’t complain when it does!
Personally I think the new sales can be attributed to my new naming policy, which is… to name the stuff as I originally intended to rather than going for the classier more business like option- which I had been doing. So rather than having “Black Bag With Red Print Lining” to describe this bag:

I instead named it, “Burning Sensation”. I know, it simply exudes class. And this bag’s alternative title was “Black Bag With Green Print Lining”:

And sold with the name “Draining The Lizard”. Perhaps my filthy mind will finally become an actual use to me.

This all got me thinking with my filthy mind, mayhaps its karma? Not like the I did something good so good stuff happens to me kind of karma- that NEVER happens… I mean, I am ME afterall. I think though that this is the upswing payoff for enduring my last two weeks or so of not so good luck. Like, before I went on vacation (we’re talking the day before), I get some not so good news about my dad’s health mentioned to me in passing (oh yes, in passing… as in…. stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff bad news I didn’t know about stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff… I think it was just overlooked that I wasn’t told, but it was blindsiding nonetheless), then in my stress heightened state my doorbell (which I contemplate yanking from the wall everyday) starting ringing nonstop… I run down the stairs and throw open the door to discover that its one of the neighborhood kids. Apparently, right in my own backyard as I was being told, the fat kid down the street (see: fat kid on the roof) was trying to sick…sic…set his pit bull on my stepson! In my own yard! So I tear off down the side alley to my backyard to scream at trouble making fat kid and his vicious snarling demon beast of a pit bull that’s straining at its rope to get me so I can save my dog fearing stepson. Apparently I screamed so loud that I brought out the neighborhood- which is a good thing to know in the future- and had the Mister tearing down the steps himself to see what was up. Add to this and ant infestation in my room at the cabin, and by infestation I mean the true meaning of the word… not like 10 or so ants. Then the following night when Le Incident occured….. My Father In Law is a wonderful man (of who else I received not okay health news about) and is at heart a Techie… so we at one point were watching DVD movies on his giant screen in the yard…. and to make a long story short, my one nephew who is not even 2 somehow escaped and ended up playing in the lake. Not BY the lake…. IN the lake…. and I was the one who discovered him wandering in the woods trying to get back to the cabin (by no means am I sorry that I found him with what could have been the alternative, I just wish it had been someone else who was in my place because I have been having nightmares ever since). Then when I returned home there was my epic battle in the kitchen trying to kill two ginormously humongous beetles that were terrorizing my husband making him think he was going crazy. Then there was the whole business of Sam painting and cutting my swap partner’s first hoodie. There was also the Mister- stepping- on- my- luggage- and- stepping- in- just- the- right- spot- that- he- crushes- my- face- soap-tube- so- it- squirts- all- over- the- clean- clothes- I- had- in- there- and- all- over- the- inside – of- my- last- surviving- suitcase (the one previous being used as a …ahem… “dumping” ground by the middle kid).
Its these sorts of time clumps that make me ultimately sure that I have Most Extreme Elimination Luck. Seriously. Maybe since I am in the luck upswing I should buy a lottery ticket? Suggestions on numbers anyone? Really all in all, it just makes me wonder- you know?

Now its back to the sweatshop!

HA! Get this… right now its 5:30am. I was awakened at around 4 by some muffled sounds. So I shuffle downstairs to get a drink and to peek clandestinely out of my windows all old lady like to see what’s going on outside on the front street. Apparently my neighbors have decided to hang out on their cars and play their bumpin system in their car as a party stereo. Its seems benign so I ready to return to bed, and then all kinds of hell breaks loose. The noise escalates until its the man neighbor screaming at the woman neighbor to let him in and unlock the door. He screams for about 15 minutes banging and kicking at their door for her to allow him in. Then he picks up a cinderblock and walks out to their car and threatens to throw it through the windshield. I call 911 at this point because they’re starting to wake up my neighborhood. She then unlocks the door and yells at him, and as I am on the phone with the 911 operator he walks over and punches her in the face! She begins to scream! She screams she’ll call the cops! He threatens that if she calls the cops he’ll blow her f’ing brains out!
So I’m telling all of this to the 911 guy.
5 minutes or so later the cops show up. The cinderblock is still in the middle of the road and and all has gone quiet over there. The woman neighbor comes out and talks to the police, who shine their flashlights straight in her face the entire time she is talking to them. Five minutes later, the cops have called for an ambulance and it shows up to treat her I suppose… or him… who knows at this point really?
I am terrified now. Calling was the right thing to do- but what sort of repurcussions am I going to face for doing so? Will my house be vandalized? My life threatened?

Walking the right road is never easy, but walking the easy road is never right.

And it gets even better!!! So this morning while I was making up a cup of coffee, I saw the fat kid down the street and his friend hanging around the car of the man neighbor (the one that he threatened to bust up last night). They seemed to be casing it to me, to the Mister it looked like they were looking for previous night damage. I thought perhaps he was right and that I was being entirely too suspicious.

That being said, that was how I was thinking, until I saw this (and just barely had time to snap pics):

What are these exactly photos of you may ask? These would be photos of the fat kid’s friend stealing the man neighbor’s car stereo.

So we come to a crossroads of what to do exactly. Why is it a difficult decision?
1. Man neighbor, by his behavior that I have witnessed in the past and just last night, hits women… so I am disinclined to aid him.
2. Fat kid’s family has already shot out one of our windows in the past, and tried to feed my stepson to their dog, this is in addition to them vandalizing our vehicles and threatening to harm our children.
3. The kid who did the actual stealing, his family routinely walks around the neighborhood and talk about “dealing with” people who mess with their family and get their members in trouble.

So where does one draw the line between what is right, and what is safe? Obviously these photos were taken from my house, from my floor, from my kitchen window- so there would be no hiding as to who took them. So do I do something about it, or take the chance and pray that nothing is done to my family and most importantly to my children in retaliation?



  1. Sachi said,

    August 27, 2006 at 8:37 am

    The fact that you visit my blog at all is exciting for me, much less the idea that my blogging might actually influence you. 😉 You’re terribly sweet and I consider it an honor that you come visit me.

    Yes, you did the right thing by calling 911. I think you needn’t worry. The police will often not tell anyone who called them out. They shouldn’t be able to figure it out.

  2. juansito:) said,

    August 27, 2006 at 7:49 pm

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    thanks bye !
    pd:visit my blog jeje!

  3. Stepherz said,

    August 27, 2006 at 11:10 pm

    Looks like you have a new friend– Juansito? 🙂

    Yes, I used to be a single welfare mom living in a neighborhood that was crime ridden. I lived there for months before I realized the women walking up and down the street were hookers. I was scared to be outside at night in that area. Hopefully you too can one day leave and raise your kiddos where you all can feel safe.

    Your bags are awesome! I’m partial to the fiery one.

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