The Craftster Pimp My Craftster Username Escapades

So, a few weeks ago I told you all about how I joined up for the Craftster Pimp My Craftster Username Swap (say that five times fast). You can click the link there to be taken to the gallery.

As you can recall, I had asked you for some ideas so that I didn’t end up sending her a box full of bird stuff. In the end, after much discussion with the Mister, I ended up just making whatever and putting her name on it. Of the things I sent her I remembered to take pics of two- crazy right? Me the girl who purposely took pics of the laundromat forgot to take pics. God I am so lame.

So I painted the back of a hoodie for her (which was the #1 request from pretty much everyone in the swap and we had a hoodie shortage halfway through), but what to paint? I went through 4 designs (all involving birds with tattoos and mad eyes) before I came up with what I ultimately did…

I’m still really critical of some aspects of it that I think I could have done better, but as this was #2 (Sam as mentioned decided to help and add his own creative influence of painting and tailoring on the first) things aren’t going to turn out the exact same as #1. For those interested here was the sketch:
Problem #1? Getting this design on the back of a black hoodie. Believe you me, it almost ended with me coloring this in my photo editing program and printing it on one of those special fabric printing sheets you can iron on to clothing. I tried several methods, and the one that worked was that cheap ass transfer paper for marking patterns on fabric, the down side was that since it was the cheap ass paper when it was brushed against or moved the design came right off which is why the face is different in the sketch than on the FO.
Problem #2? Remaking it when Sam decided to help and having to take it with me on vacation to finish up there. The trip up erased the face and fingers, I could have cried.
Problem #3? Hoodies are not the easiest of canvases to paint on, then again it could be because this was the first time I had ever painted one. If you are curious (because I know I was and it took me forever to find out) its just plain acrylic paints with Textile Medium added in. You can find the textile medium in any craft store. I bought mine at JoAnn’s because Walmart was out, it was on the top shelf of the Folk Arts acrylic paint shelf. You just add it to the paint (with the mythical alchemical recipe of 2parts medium to one part paint) and go to town.

In addition to the hoodie, I also sent her a bag (like what I sell in my shop) with her name embroidered on it with pockets inside with a birdie lining (the only birdie thing I sent her). This would be item #1 that I took no pics of.

I also sent her a sock monkey with her name embroidered on it because frankly, sock monkeys kick ass.

Please excuse the pic of the monkey sitting atop the pile ‘o’ crafting crap. If you look by his feet you can catch a glimpse of the bag I sent, so I guess I’m not too pictureless. This was the first sock monkey I have ever made and it was fun. The Mister fears sock monkeys in much the same way he does murder dolls. He told me that I have to warn Jaybird. Yesterday he claimed that “Monkey will reject your slave brand and wreak havoc, I hope you’re happy with yourself.” So Jaybird, if Monkey does do that- I am very sorry. I suggest you defend yourself with a lighter as he is only fabric and polyfill. Watch his tail though, he can be tricksy with that.

The last thing I sent her was a coffee drinking hat, an institution started by my friend Jim (of whom I could find only two pics and this was the better of the two). The intent of the Coffee Drinking Hat is to warn people that you have yet to have your coffee while simutaneously acclimating you to the morning. It comes equipped with muffling earflaps, quieting pom poms, and strangling strings.Oh, and its really really long….. I forgot to mention that (photo credit: Jaybird herself).

I had hoped to add more stuff to her package, but ran out of money in the crafty budget from having to buy a second hoodie.

And then I received from her…….. she spoiled me rotten, past rotten, and into the next life.. Seriously. She post stalked me good and spoiled me so bad. She sent me a card that details all the stuff in the box and I barely opened the card when I saw these two little words…..
“Jayne Cobb”
Then I snatched up the first package I came to and got this (from my Wist) my very own Jayne Cobb from Firefly hat

Sam immediately appropraited it and refused to give it back, here he is hiding his shame from the paparazzi, a la Wynona Rider:

She also sent me Chai Tea flavored Lip Balm, also from my Wist, which is already in use and in my purse. By the way, he napped in that hat.

She sent me packages for each monkey including a tshirt and a small prize (and fruit snacks!).

She also sent me a crocheted purse with beads and a crocheted headband:

And because I’m nutty about squirrels (Ha!) she sent me a Conley Squirrel Tea towel:

And the Hoodie (I FREAKING LOVE Squirrels!!):

And then, as if that wasn’t enough…. in her post stalkerage she saw that the Mister had donated my button collection to Goodwill thinking it was …ahem… “Clutter”…. and that I was trying desperately to get some more to add to what I had and she sends these:

See I told you…. she spoiled me rotten. Oh I am not worthy!


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  1. Fyberduck said,

    August 25, 2006 at 5:22 pm

    I think you both spoiled each other 🙂

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