Here I Go, Off in The Wild Blue Yonder……

So, here I am at 7am on Sunday morning- writing. In about an hour or so I’ll be shaking the kids awake for them to get ready for church. Its a fun time to be had by all…really.

After chruch, we’ll be coming straight home and then almost immediately get picked up by my MIL (Mother In Law) and shuffled into a van, and then shuffled further into the wilds of Maryland where we will be staying for almost a week…. just me and my kids, and my in laws, and my in laws’ kids. Hubby will not be joining us, claiming this thing called “work” will be keeping him here. I think it is because he’ll have pratically almost a full week of being able to play WoW without me giving disapproving looks over knitting… but when I get back… oh man I’ll know…. and he’ll get such a look.

After looking through a map I have divined pretty much where we will be in Maryland (having no idea before)…. we’ll be in that little forgotten bit that’s shoved in between West Virginia and Pennsylvania…. you know, that bit of Maryland that people forget is part of Maryland… the afterthought Maryland per se… or what I like to call, West Pennsylginia.

Ah yes, good ole West Pennsylginia……

To Jaybird, my Craft swap partner, I’ll be sending your package when I get back. Your first hoodie met with an unfortunate accident…… let’s just say that this picture of Sam making Pancake Mix Snow Angels is PALE in comparison to what he did to Hoodie version 1.0.

Trust me on this.

Have fun everyone, behave yourselves as well as possible while I’m gone, and no breaking ino my house to poop.


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