Second Sale Wednesday!

I made my 2nd shop sale this week and just returned from mailing it off. Its very exciting. Though it was only $3 I think I’m pretty lucky. I mean considering that I only opened the shop the weekend of the 4th and its only been 15 days having two sales….. Wee I am quite excited!

I really have no idea what to write about now… how lame is that?

Hmmmm…. Oh I know…..

Recently on the Crazy Aunt Purl site there was a post where they discuss the problems with the Modern American Male. Now this whole thing had me peturbed for a few days in which I pretty much ranted in a crazy woman way at any person insane enough to step inside my home. Not Purl mind you, I love Laurie, but some of the comments just pissed me off to no end. This is because of a couple reasons:
1. I have all male friends. Any female influences in my life are family or my friends via the internet….. no lie…. my world is comprised of all man-ness
2. I am the mother of 3 boys and I will be damned if any bitchy woman will ever be nasty with them. (“As God as my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!” kind of thing, you know).
3. I have dated my fair share of men… good, bad, nice, not nice, cute, homely

I do not find issue with the article to begin with, hardly. I’ve been the frustratingly dateless girl. My issue was with all the women posting what I sum up as basically:
The reason I am lonely is because all men suck. Men should treat me like a queen and jump through whatever hoops I put forth to them. I don’t care what their excuses are, they’re men- they all lie, they all cheat, and they are all not to be trusted. I would be better off as a lesbian because men these days are not worth my time.

So I will address the things that enangered me, you will see:
1. For every woman who said she would be better off as a lesbian… I hope she was being truthful because women outnumber men 3:1 throughout most of North America. There is going to have to be some serious switching of teams because frankly there aren’t enough men to go around.
2. Men asking women out to hang vs. actual dates. Now, I don’t know about you… but there are methods of denial that alot of women employ that frankly, if I were a man, would push me to asking for informal get togethers. things like:
a) Laughing at the man who just asked you out because he is overweight/bald/nerdy to his face
b) The tried and trusty “Giving of the False Phone Number” which I’m sure does nothing for his ego, especially if the woman was extra mean and gave him the number to a Male Sexual Dysfunction hotline as her own (I’ve seen it done… in person!)
c) Acting catty to the man who just asked for a date because he (the basest lifeform of ugliness and baldiness) dared ask you out, and being offended that he did so
d) Stating “I have a boyfriend” then slobbering all over the next bad boy hotness to walk by
e) Continuously dumping the nice, funny, sweet guy for the hot bad guy who treats us like crap but looks like he’s straight from a Soap Opera and/or rides a motorcycle… of course I can’t list them all but you are getting the idea.
3. That men as a species spontaneously all at once decided to be bad dates

I left alot out because I think that rants should be ranty, but not standing on a street corner screaming at the passerbys with a sandwich board and propaganda kind of ranty.

I think that alot of women who commented overlooked the fact that alot of things wrong with man are because of woman. Seriously before you go bitching about how awful all men are, own up to your own handiwork. I know quite a few men who are pretty much what the women described they wanted and yet they are single. One or two may be slightly overweight, one is Canadian (you can’t pick where you are born okay?! ;P), one is overweight, one is so smart that you can’t help but feel dumb around him, and one is just tired of being bossed around by girls. Yet they are all gentlemenly, nice, sweet, funny guys. Why are they single? Again one or two may be slightly overweight, one is overweight, one has kids, one works alot, and one is easily bossed around by the fairer sex. I think its unfair for these women to judge men as they do when I know for certain that some sort of global reaction would be raised if it were men talking about women.
I believe in dating karma which is basically, “If I want to be accepted for all my faults, flaws, and fancies I have to be willing to the same for others.” or in laywoman’s terms:
If I want him to overlook that I have a huge ass I should overlook his bald spot.

Because, huge asses and blad spots aside, we all want to be loved and wanted…. and its no one’s fault but your own if you are lonely. Just saying.

PS. And if you were curious me and Mr Stephieface were:
“If I want him to overlook my huge ass, I should overlook that he apparently has hairy sasquatch somewhere in his past ancestry” <—– Look at that total honesty!!


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