Peees Porridge Hot…

So to update my last post…. my Sansa fell out of my pocket into the toilet. After the numb second of inaction where you debate plunging your hand in your own urine to retireve something, I pulled it out, dried it off, and let it sit on its own to dry completely out. Well, its been a few days and I tried it out……
Diagnosis: Dead
I had hoped that the patient could make it, but sadly this was not to be.

Yesterday was my daddy’s birthday. We called him up to wish him a happy day, both monkeys grabbed at that phone and gibberished birthday greetings at him for a couple minutes each. There is a big Stephieface family reunion thingie happening next weekend on the 8th. We are trying to attend, but no guarantees.

A few posts ago I hinted that I was working on something big…. well, in any case its big for me. I decided to open my own shop! Nothing spectacular mind you, mostly fingerless gloves and big bags (like the one I use as a purse, seen here). Mainly things people have always asked me to make. Most of the requests I have got for things come from NERO kids, so I had to price stuff in the “NERO/college kid” price range of affordability. Anyway, I only just started adding things so expect to see more stuff soon. Believe it or not, even though I’m catering to LARPers, you’d be surprised how well it works for knitters. For example I am currently working on a roll up organizer for the LARPers to keep their tags/sticks in (long story!) – these can also work as DPN holders. The bags are made to carry spell packets in (again… long story!) but can also work as regular purses (as I use them), or knitting bags (knitting bags that are also big enough to carry the largest Knifty Knitter ring if you are into that). I may even sell some handmade patches… but that’s not right now (no counting chickens before they hatch). Right now there are just three things on there. So there you go, my something big.

In other news… my downstairs neighbor, Mario the Bulgarian Masseuse, is moving. He’s returning to Europe to take care of his mother who is ailing. Sad as that is, this is probably the nicest he has ever been since he moved in over 3 years ago. Though, I don’t consider the moving furniture up from the basement at 1am very friendly, not to mention the mess outside on the street…..

Lovely isn’t it? Just adds to the curb appeal. Hopefully my landlord will be by this week and will see this. From what I understand from Mario’s broken English though, yesterday was the last he (mario) would be here ever again…. I can only pray I’m not left with that mess. However, the mess has an unexpected bonus…. I get to see just exactly how honest some of my neighbors are…. for example:

This guy lives 4 houses down from me, and I suspect he’s running a mini hookerville over there. I could totally be wrong, but that’s the only conclusion I can come to when you have 4 young ladies sitting on the porch asking ANY male that goes by if they want to come in and party, and this guy sits on the porch with his cane watching each man intently but saying nothing. Yet I digress. I heard some moving of stuff downstairs and thought it was Mario, whenI looked out the window Mario’s car was nowhere to be seen but I saw this

It can be a bit hard to see, but that’s the guy walking off with a pedastle. He took a few more things before Mario came back. Mario left again an hour or so later and I heard more crashing and saw

this time he brought a stroller from his house to help him carry the goods back to his house. Mario came back and I told him about this… but he didn’t care, he’s more worried about getting the apartment emptied before he has to leave than what actually happens to the stuff. BUT what makes me laugh is I was taking out the trash later and the guy pictured walks by. I ask him if the furniture he took is going to work out in his house and he claims he has no idea what I am talking about and that he didn’t take ‘nuthin’.


Have I ever expressed how much I love my neighborhood? Oh yeah, I have. Currently though I am working on a coalition with the lady across the street, Debbie. She and I have become a mini neighborhood watch, along with paranoid lady who lives next to her, and old lady at the top of the hill who likes to call the city and get your car towed from in front of her house claiming its abandoned for shits and giggles and window views. We roll hard core, you best be careful.



  1. Stepherz said,

    July 5, 2006 at 11:22 am

    Yayyy on the store! eBay could be the ticket too? The bags are awesome; I think you could make some real dough!

  2. Amy said,

    July 7, 2006 at 5:43 pm

    The pics outside your window are too funny. Dumpster diving is not dead.

    I hope your shop does well! Good luck!

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