Craft Stalk Me…. If You Dare…… (insert scary music here)

I signed up for the Craftster “Pimp My Craftster User Name” Swap where someone crafts crazy awesome stuff with your Craftster User Name…. whew. Stalking your partner was mentioned and quite possibly should be encouraged… and well I have posted TONS on Craftster so I thought I would save my partner some time (and future partners as well!)

Thanks goes to Bambikhantastic for posting the questions on her blog, and I totally decided to use her idea. So here goes:

Birthdate: 3/5/1976 so that makes me a 30 year old Piscies born in the year of the dragon… oh yeah. Fish dragon…sweet… or not… depending how you cook em.
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Work: Stay At Home Servant…. er….Mom

Knitting and sewing. Hanging out with my kids. Reading and rereading ALOT of Terry Pratchett Discworld novels. I listen to alot of punk covers… like “Over The Rainbow” and “My Boyfriend’s Back” type punk covers. I have no idea why, I just do. I listen to groups like the Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Mest, Goldfinger, MXPX, Me first and the Gimmee Gimmees, etc. I mom…… alot… in fact that is my job. I can paint fairly well, and crochet a bit too… I do a little bit of everything.

1 year old TJ, who can growl in a scary unnatural way
3 year old Sam, who can climb anything with his monkey toes and monkey toe callouses
9 year old Zach, who is my stepson and doesn’t live with us full time
30 year old Mr. Stephieface/Conley (Chris who is soon to be 31)

Crafts I can do with a fair amount of confidence:
Sewing, Knitting, Painting, Embroidery
Crafts I can do passably:
Crocheting, some wire wrapping
Crafts I’m Learning:
Baking things not meant for my oven (like record bowls and pony bead dishes)
Crafts I would like to learn:
Spinning, Screen Printing/Freezer paper printing

Stuff I dig:

Squirrels, Ninjas, Samurai, Old school tattoo designs, Celtic knots, Koi, Medieval designs and symbols (like heraldry), Dragons, Four Leaf Clovers, Sheep, and Stars (sounds like a whacked out bowl of Lucky Charms… doesn’t it?)
Stuff I hate:
Frou Frou girly girl pink fluffy ooky frilly pretty pretty princess stuff

Colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green, Maroon, Charcoal Grey, Brown…. earthy colors and blues. Not a huge fan of baby pink, lilac, cream, mint or any other wussified color… I’ll save those colors to wear when I’m old.

Style: This is actually a toughie…. I’d have to say comfortable slacker hippie without the hemp. I wear tshirts and jeans, prefer peasant tops and hoodies, and wear black shoes with kick your head in soles… with rounded toe so I don’t get squishy feet don’t you know. I don’t wear shorts… ever- and don’t wear skirts unless I can’t help it. If it can be torn, ripped, stained or ruin by two kids under 4 I won;t wear it… there’s no point.

Sizing: I agree this is a terrible question. 5’4″ and weight… more than Kate Moss. I am Bustylicious. I look for a large- extra large. shoe size 7.5 US women’s.

Hair:LONG and brownish reddish. By long I mean I just recently got it cut and had 8-9 inches taken off the bottom and it still goes 5 inches or so past by bra strap. I wear it up alot since I have kids and right now its freaking hot. And humid… did I mention humid? I use big monster jaws of life clippies and hair sticks.

Jewelry: I can only wear earrings if they are 14K+ gold…. anything else will infect my ears. I wear necklaces but don’t have many bracelets and rarely wear them in any case. I only wear my wedding rings… so there you go. Now if pins/buttons/brooches count as jewelry I totally dig those.

Non Acrylic yarn
10″ knitting needles
Old Interweave Mags
but mostly….. yarn…. I am a wool pig.


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