World Wide Knit In Public Day…. And Other Stuff

Saturday I participated in WWKIPD and I had alot of fun. As reported earlier, I was nervous about going but my mom came along with me so it wasn’t SOOOO scary. So we rode the incline and the trolley over to where it was supposed to take place. On the way we passed an impromptu mini putt putt setup in Point State Park (impromptu here meaning… its not usually here and will only be here for the TRAF). Now, we tried it out and I have to say it was some of the most difficult putt putting I’ve ever done.

Let me tell you, I don’t have a really good picture of the evilest hole there, but you can see it in the bottom picture to the right of the Tim Burton Octopus. You had to hit your ball up a skinny steep incline, over a bump, and into a wee hole so that it would careen down the pipes and pop out the back. I don’t think anyone yet has managed to defeat it as most people take the route I did which was:
Step 1: Make a few futile attempts to actually do the shot like you are supposed to, never accomplishing it and sending the golf ball hurtling in some unknown direction
Step 2: Look around discreetly to see if anyone is looking
Step 3: Pick up neon colored evil ball
Step 4: Take one final look and pop that ball in the hole at the top of the ramp when you are sure that no one is paying attention to you
Step 5: Continue hole as if you actually hit it up there and look unabashedly shocked when people in your party scream that you cheated.
Seriously, everyone who played that hole while I was there did that…. maybe its an experiement plyed by CCAC Psych students.

So after we played golf we ambled towards the bridge to cross under. It was probably here that my nervousness went nutty…. this is what I saw:
At first I had no idea where to go, I was looking for the red balloons. It took me a bit, but I found them:

So I wandered over and they called me to join them. I had “The Look” I guess, the shy, nervous, look around to see if anyone is watching look. But they were all very nice and not a one bit, so I lucked out:

And here was our lovely organizer:

I met alot of nice people who were funny to boot. Not pictured is Zeeppo and his wife Carol who were also there… and are amazingly 2 of the three people who’s names I remember (the third is Grace who arrived later). I learned of a few knitting groups that I could look into, which is nice since I thought there was only one that met out at the Waterworks.

I had a great time, mom actually picked up a crochet needle and crafted a bit, and as I dressed for hot sun I got cold wind… I will most definately be doing it next year.

Oh and if you were wondering what I was working on I started another Knit & Tonic Dream Swatch, this time in Knit Picks Andean Silk Twist in Poppy Fields. I’ve also started knitting a thing or two for the newest niece.

So really what the whole thing was about, was getting together:

Admire their goodness for all its worth during its brief appearence.


1 Comment

  1. LaurieG said,

    June 12, 2006 at 10:10 pm

    Hey I was nervous too! Great meeting you.

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