WWKIP Day or Sunburn! Now with 100% more knitting!

I decided that on June 10th I’ll add myself to the throngs (well, hopefully throngs) of people who step out for the day to knit in public in celebration of WWKIP Day…. World Wide Knit In Public Day! Like slowly revealing your Ace in the Hole (doesn’t that sound dirty?….Nice…. I’ll show YOU my Ace in the Hole) or suddenly seeing that after all these years that volcano houses a secret laboratory… the army of knitters shall spill forth from their hidey holes to reveal ourselves to the world!!!!
Coincidentially WWKIP day coincides with the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Oh yes… us knitters are tricksy like that… we will totally plan a day out that involves the availability of skewers choc full of chocolate covered strawberries. The Pittsburgh outing involves these details.
So I will be there. Most likely I will be wearing one of my peasant tops
and possibly a lace kerchief. Maybe I will even put a sticker on my purse that says “Hello, My Name Is: Stephieface”… Oh yes.

Okay… so I recently had a run in with nature and I think I may have won…. possibly. This was my backyard:
Now the story of my backyard is an interesting one… know that its been cut once since I moved here 5 years ago… and that was by Hubby and then Pregnant me and we only cut it because that was the first year of the West Nile Virus thing and we got a warning flyer from the EPA saying we had to cut the yard or get fined (long story short we accidently kept the flyer and didn’t pass it on to our landlord so we felt responsible to cut the yard). So every year the back jungle grew and grew. As we live on the second floor we did not fear it much, though our Bulgarian neighbor downstairs Mario has a deck that practically floated in it like he was on a life raft in the sea.

This year I would look out a particular window so I could look at what unsuspecting endangered species our back jungle had ensnared and devoured. It was about late March early April that I noticed this one plant in the backyard. It did not look like the rest of the weeds in the yard and it stood straighter. Not one, but three people (including me) who looked upon that plant from that window turned and asked my husband if that was a marijuana plant in the back jungle. Strange as it may sound:
1. My husband is NOT an expert on marijuana, BUT if anyone would know it would be the guy who is more street savvy than the rest of us and who always insists that he is right. Clearly he would know.
2. It is not impossible in my neighborhood for some urban ruffian to have planted Weed amongst my weeds… its totally happened already down the street in the community garden which is a fenced off plot of weeds. Its true!

So as the weeks passed I would stare out the window at what I thought was a marijuana plant hoping that someone would come and take it already because frankly I was not going into the back jungle and putting my fingerprints on it. Remember, I watch too much Law & Order.

So, after a few weeks I saw these pods on the plant. I have no marijuana growing knowledge so I assumed these were seed pods to make more marijuana plants. I start to freak out in classic Stephieface fashion that I may end up in jail for unintentionally growing a drug harvest in my backyard and ponder what angry rough murderous alpha female would I have to share a cell with. I worried so much it actually kept me up one night.

The next day I look out at the Marijuana plant to discover this:

What is that? Could it be?…… Is that a flower? I turned to my husband and I ask, “Honey, does marijuana flower?” he shrugged and said he had no idea. It was then I made it my decision to investigate more closely. So I took my camera downstairs and I walked down my alley to the back jungle. Now to get to the plant I’d have to at least cut down a path of weeds to get there. I look around and although I find a weed whacker it has no line…. so I use the hedge clippers instead. Now, by now you already know that my hubby is yelling out the window that I am insane for starting to chop down the back jungle with a pair of hedge clippers… and frankly he may be right… but I got half of it done in no time flat:

Its hard to see but really half the jungle’s weeds ARE missing. And there I have a path to the mystery plant. So I get closer and lo and behold it is NOT a marijuana plant:

They’re peonies! The last time we had cut the back jungle I had planted Peony seeds because I thought strangely enough that we would keep the jungle clipped down. Yet, we have no grass in the back jungle only weeds and mud. I never thought the seeds took… I guess I was wrong.

And yet I was left with another dilemma…. Zach (my stepson) was over and after one of his forays into the outside world he came in talking about how he was playing “In the backyard”. Now I took that as he was playing in OUR backyard… so to save him from bees and giant Little Shop of Horrors man eating plants I continued to cut down the rest of the yard… even going so far as to walk to the local hardware store and buy line for the weedwhacker. I chanced poison ivy and death bringing bee stings and ended up with this:

I think I have more dirt than yard. By the way the pics aren’t too splendiforous as I took them looking out of the window and it has a screen… and its raining right now. As you can see I went whacker crazy and I cut half the neighbor’s back jungle too. After all this I discovered that the back yard that Zach was playing in was my neighbor across the street and not mine…. so I did all of this for nothing… or so I thought. Yesterday as I was cleaning up weed clippings and such, my landlord happened to be by talking to the Bulgarian. The Bulgarian got loud about how the backyard was a jungle and pulled our landlord onto the deck gesticulating wildly. To which my landlord said “Wow! Great job!” to me below in the yard. The surprised look on the Bulgarian’s face was almost worth it. However, as I talked to my landlord he mentioned about how he’ll probably put down grass seed in the backyard now that its all cut (yes! a yard for my kiddies to play in… with grass) we both nodded in agreement that we think the birch tree is dead and has to be removed… which is kinda sad.

All in all though I think I can do Fear Factor now, I’ve swallowed enough bugs from cutting down the back jungle to qualify I think. Heck… I even sweated.



  1. Stephanie said,

    June 1, 2006 at 11:35 am

    Wow, you are brave. I’m afraid to go back outside after my pillbug encounter (they looked like roaches! I swear!!) and being on the receiving end of what are apparently thistles. Hate and rage at the yard.

  2. cherry blossom said,

    June 2, 2006 at 4:26 pm

    wow your backyard looks great! now you will have grass and can even put a bench or some chairs out there to enjoy your newly discovered peonies 😀

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