"….They Say Its Your Birthday…Da da da da da da da"

Today is my younger sister’s birthday. It pains me that she is younger than me, or most like it pains me that I am 30 and she is not. She has reached that year. The year at which she will never age anything older than 29. Enjoy your endless 29, sis…. sadly I admitted to being older than that and now its too late to go back. Don’t make the same mistake!

Now I did buy a card, I signed it, I enclosed that sucker in an envelope and added a stamp…. hell I even put your address on it and stuck it in my mailbox. I put it down there Friday. Here is my mailbox as of five minutes ago:

See that splendiforous neon green envelope? That is your card, still in my mailbox. I think my postperson is appalled by its color and refuses to take it. Seriously. I even called Mom yesterday to check that I got your address right (though I already had by the time she returned it). So there is a card that should be on its way, or there is a postperson who shall feel the wrath of the monkeys tomorrow should it not be. (don’t you love the ghetto mailbox with dirty Pittsburgh siding picture? Nice)

So, dear sister, Happy Birthday……
Try to forget that you ever wore a “C is for Cookie” dress

Try to forgive our mom that she dressed us like so and cut our hair like this….

Or like this….

(God what was she thinking?! PINK and FRILLY [insert gagging here])

And totally remember that regardless of how many times I may make fun of you (like older sisters are supposed to) there is only one person in the world that I would wear a polyester maternity bridesmaid gown for in August while 9 months pregnant for….

And that chicky, my dear sister, is you.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Loves You!


1 Comment

  1. Braccos Girl said,

    May 23, 2006 at 12:15 pm

    Thank you so much Steph, I needed that. For once, you actually made me cry happy tears!!! The pics were an awesome touch that only you would think of. So again, thanks.

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