I Watch Too Much Law & Order

I swear I do, and when I’m not watching a L&O varient I’m watching a CSI:Somewhere episode….AND if its Friday I’m watching Numb3rs (though I’m totally watching numb3rs for the ever adorable David Krumholtz). In any case, aside from marking me as a possible couch potato… I mention this because I think it has effected the way I think. It may be in a good way, maybe bad- I shall explain and let you decide (possibly).

See, I love the stories they tell on these shows, and the crimes… I like watching how they figure it all out (I forgot to mention I watch Crossing Jordan too) to ultimately catch the bad guy. But this is why I think I watch them way too much………

This morning I was awakened by the phone ringing… well not so much as the phone ringing but the phone ringing followed by someone leaving a message. So, I lay there groggily hearing the phone ring in the tune of ‘Love Me Tender’ (it says its a differently named song, but it lies), and I waited until it cycled through the rings to the machine (hey it was warm and comfy in my bed). I heard the machine turn on and start recording. After a brief pause of silence, a man said “Help” and it was immediately hung up.

Now this phone call of course awakened the monkeys so I trudged downstairs with the monkeys in tow, still thinking about the message. So I decided to listen to it again to see if it was someone I know, like possibly Ben calling to awaken one of us to play a computer game with him wether it be WoW with Chris or Puzzle Pirates with me. But, there is no message on my machine. Thinking I may have dreamed it all I *69 to get the last number since I know the last person to call last night was Ben…….. *69 and it tells me the number is unavailable (when Ben’s has always registered before). Immediately I begin thinking about the episodes of these shows where the victim is trapped in a car trunk or in a closet or someplace else small and cramped, and try to use their cell phones to call for help…. only to get some stranger on the phone and suddenly the stranger knows this is a for real call and gets the cops then cue the show intro.

Though I seriously have no proof that anyone actually called…. I wonder if I should tell somebody? Like Vincent D’Onofrio perhaps?

On the yarn and sticks front…… After finally drying out the yarn from the stripey Goodwill sweater… this is what I got (shown here with a can of veggies for scale)

Actually, I was missing a bunch of the navy/black as a few of the mini skeins fell behind the desk… otherwise though not a bad haul. Now on to the cotton sweater:

I know the pic is dark, but its a very stripey yarn or its a black yarn and grey/brown yarn spun together making it stripey. I like it.


1 Comment

  1. Severina said,

    May 20, 2006 at 5:06 pm

    Mmmmmm, Yarn Medley.

    I’m tempted to unravel that angora/wool thing but it’s a little too warm today for me to deal with angora sticking to my face.

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