Holy Craftster Batman!

So… if you haven’t checked out Craftster yet, there’s a neato little link to the right that will get you there. Its an awesome site to peruse and be a part of. Its so chocked full of creativity its nutty.
Aside from tutorials and bragging rights you can also join swaps. Some people do nothing but swap… I think I would go stress crazy as I usually freak out about those kinds of things. However, the payoff can be huge by getting awesome stuff. Here are some things I have got in the past… though mind you the pics aren’t always good.

From Writer78 I got a neato Renn Faire favor to wear with my costuming and a pouch

From the Unconditional Swap (where you craft for others without expecting any return) I received hairsticks

And from quack, who was an awesome first time swapping partner in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Swap (round one) I got 1) 2 booksmarks one of death and the other the city watch shield, 2)magnets one of Sam Vimes and one of Greebo, 3) the very awesome nanny Ogg tote bag that gave quack a hell of time in making, and 4)The Luggage (seen here battling Darth Vader.

So, I joined the Terry Pratchett discworld Swap round 2 and I’m very excited not to mention at least a little bit nervous with Swapper’s Anxiety. I have some ideas in the works and hopefully my partner will like em.


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