Sinister Snakes and Murder Dolls…..

Well…. not really but… well…. let me start at the beginning….

While perusing through books at the new Barnes and Nobles which has attached itself like a lamprey to my usual Mall of choice, South Hills Village, I came across a book I heard alot about on Craftster called “The World Of Knitted Toys”. So I skimmed through a couple of pages and as I did so of course the 3yo was skimming with me and went insane when we passed a picture of a knitted snake. So I took a peek at the pattern and saw that it really wasn’t that difficult a pattern so I set home to make one. What can I say? I like knitting and will use my kids’ toy fetish to do it. So I played with yarn. First off I didn’t like the head the book snake had, to be too honest it looked too phallic and I could only imagine all the times I would sit and snicker at it only to be guilted later about how I thought such a dirty thing about a child’s toy. Ahem… back to the story…. So I messed around with designs until I got a shape I liked… made two then sewed them together… picked up the stitches onto DPNs and went to town. The result:

(Mind you, the snake is not pink but red, and I have no idea why my camera hates the orange yarn) He would have been longer, but both kids started tugging on him before I even bound him off so I had to end earlier than I intended.

So after I knit a sheep and a chick for Easter, it was about then that I realized my grievous and terrible mistake…… I made TWO toys and I have THREE kids. Should I just sign them up for therapy now? This left the youngest monkey sans toy on Easter morning. So to make up for it I began making a doll using Jess Hutchinsons pattern. I took her free bunny pattern and left off the ears to make a doll. I intend to make clothes and costumes for it so the monkeys can dress it up however they want. I may make a second one so that the middle monkey and the youngest monkey can play together. After trying to find flesh colored yarn… and a free Sunday with nothing to do…. the results I got are below:

Mr Stephieface hates it and refers to it as the ‘Murder Doll’. He claims its evil and will eat souls while walking with a knife in stop motion down our stairs. The fact that I want to make another he uses as proof that the doll is evil as its trying to get me to make more of it so it can take over the world. I’m debating about adding hair or not, but already I’ve been hiding it in creepy places to surprise Mr Stephieface when he comes out of the shower or wakes up. The pattern was pretty easy to knit up, the only thing I would have added in it would be to designate what end of what you are knitting. The arms are legs are simple, but the head and body left me pondering about what way things go. Its possible I’m a retard and couldn’t figure this out, then again it could be an actual issue. A little more direction on how to embroider the face… or more specifically where… would have been nice….. as well as an ability to embroider eyes that are the same size would have been a wonderful skill to have.
In any case I think I’d use the pattern again… now on to making clothes… anyone have a pattern for a doll size knit jedi robe? Anyone? Bueller?


1 Comment

  1. Severina said,

    April 30, 2006 at 10:21 am

    You know how funny that doll would be with a little knitted hockey mask?

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