I Am So Lazy, I Let A Random Generator Write A Post For Me III

Yes yes…. I’m pretty sure you are tired of this… but let me let you in on a little secret……

I’m a quiz taker.

Yes! I admit it! I AM a quiz taker. I will spend hours taking quizzes that concern absoloutely nothing at all. What good will knowing what my flavor is do me? Will the breed of dog or Harry Potter character I score as be requested on my next job interview? Of course not. Yet… I cannot explain why I take the damn things…. they’re like pez… you know you put a whole new sleeve in the dispenser with all intents to savor each one yet managing to devour the whole package usually within 20 minutes of installing it…… which is to say “I don’t know why, I just do”. So here you go…. Quizzes from Quizfarm:

In the “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” test I scored as Ginny Weasley

Ha! I knew it!
In the ‘Which Family Guy Character Are You?” test I scored Lois Griffin

Quizfarm also gives you choices as to what html you want for your site…. you’ll see if you go take a look. The original results are mad long… just take my word for it that the results are all true and very Me-ish.


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