The Cottontail Aftermath…News at 11

Well… Easter is over and I can rest easy. I have appeased the children with the candy offering which will secure me an abundent Spring. Will I suffer Knitter’s Withdrawl as I did when I knit for Christmas? Signs point to no as I have already begun a new project, but I’ll claim nothing.

After having knitted Carrick the Ram, and having to subsequently and continuously retrieve it from hubby who keeps stealing it, I had to knit for the other kids too. So, to garner some inspiration, the boys and I went to the Salvation Army Superstore in Century III. Can you believe it? The Salvation Army has Superstores now… if there is ever going to be a Goodwill Megalomart I’m done for. Aside from the fact that I scored two pairs of perfectly good practicly unused GAP jeans that look awesome on me for $3 a pair AND a pair of shoes that if I do say so myself look freaking awesome for $3.50 that were brand new….. ahem (score!)….. I once more scored with their sweater section. I don’t think I was able to actually go through the entirety of the sweater section, it was seriously that freaking big. However I did find a lovely pale golden yellow sweater that I thought would make an excellent chick. After checking the seams and tags I bought the sucker and brought it home for reconning. Here is the result:
This is what I got from it. It was a Saks 5th Avenue 80% Silk 20%Cotton Sweater. The largest ball you see in the photo is bigger than a softball and each of the smaller ones are almost as big as a softball (almost being bigger than a baseball but smaller than softball). Then, after cleaning up the mess that reconning always makes, I immediately got to knitting and created this:

This is Chuck. Sadly I do not have a pattern for Chuck, save to say that I basically knit what looked like an old bottle (a la ship in bottle type) and just shaped him after that then made the beak. Why Chuck? I had intended him as a chick, and when one of the boys saw me working on it he claimed it was a duck… so Chick + Duck = Chuck. Chuck is once again one of those things that my hubby steals away with to use as a mascot as he plays World of Warcraft. He claims that Chuck and Carrick (whom he calls “goat”) give him good PvP luck. Chuck’s eyes are just french knots in black yarn by the way…. no cool plastic eyes for me.

I also hackeyed the hackey sacks. Though I have discovered that I dislike muchly putting hackeys in things…. as I lost some stray hackeys. Here you go though:
I have already had one chucked at my head and it wasn’t at all painful… so I guess the project was a success.

Thank God the next holiday is Mother’s Day… I need a rest.


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