A Reason For Everything And Everything For A Reason

There are days when I wish my blog here had a cute witty knitticism as a title, like “At My Sticks End” or “Knit Wit”. Yet there was a reason as to why I never did that, though admittedly the name I was going to choose could have worked I guess. While I love knitting, I just don’t only knit. Already this blog has seen more ranting than actual knitting content, and I have a few more than one or two hobbies- so in the end I had to pick something more universal. In hindsight I wish I had used “I Poke You With Sticks” though.

So, for Easter I have been knitting up hacky sack balls to include in the kiddies’ baskets, I just have to find the stuffed animal pellets to put inside. The pattern was really easy and worked on two needles in garter basically so for a beginner you could haul this out in no time and feel more accomplished than knitting garter scarves. You have to know increasing and decreasing, but if you have those down go here for some hackey fun.
There are days when knitting just won’t do it for me. As odd as it sounds yes, I don’t feel like knitting much. When those days or weeks happen I usually have other things to work on. This week has been “New Purse Week” which bled into ‘Embroidery Week”. While most women, its rumored, covet shoes- I covet purses and messenger bags. Forget clutches and those cute wee little purses that hang delicately from your wrist. I gave those up years ago when pregnant with the first monkey. My favorite purse has broken and frayed in places which means a new one was in order. Yet I could not bring myself to return to Burlington Coat Factory in all its glory and purchase a new bag when I have more than enough scraps at home from which to create one. So I got to work. After an hour of fiddling with my finicky sewing machine (who needs a cat when I have this mechanical wonder) I got it working and started sewing. Its basically like every other bag I’ve made in the last year…
Basic black duck cloth with a burgundy trigger lining. Not bad if I do say so myself. This time though I wanted to try a little something new so I added pockets to the interior so I could have places to catch my stuff….
So I added the pockets, here showcasing my wide array of diapers and pull ups I must carry with me continuously and my wallet, as well as a wee piece of paper I folded and shoved in there as per my whims and fancies. I also made sure the strap was adjustable- it drives me nuts when I can’t bend things to my will or at least make them lay right. The bag itself is pretty big, when I can rescue my measuring tape from the monkey (that would be the hubby monkey) I may take measurements. I can tell you that one of those mondo-ly huge 3 ring bingers would fit in here no problem, maybe two. As well attached to the purse is my standard key ring clip…

Because, well frankly, I hate doing the hurried mom frantic search the bottom of the ginormous bag for the wee keys thing. As you can also see I attached the gratuitous picture of my husband when he was in the Marines. Sigh, hotness…. ahem…. in any case…… the bag is awesome but plain. I debated what to do for it for awhile and decided what it needed was a patch or something in the middle front (I don’t dig closures on purses frankly because I never use them). So I began going through my crafting stash looking for something that might fit. This is how “New Purse Week” bled into ‘Embroidery Week”. I decided that whatever goes on there should be cool, but classy enough that I won’t be ashamed to have my purse on the chair next to me at church. I played with a few designs and went to work. Firstly I decided on a psuedo celtic knot (not really celtic you’ll see hence the psuedo… perhaps I should use the more appropriate faux) design which I went immediately into action embroidering. The color does not match exactly which will bug me and which is why, as of yet, it remains unattached to the bag.
Cute though…yes? But in my efforts to reorganize my embroidering stuff I decided to try another design and we’ll see how that goes as I’m still working on it. But as I was telling hubby for some reason I really like embriodering celtic knots and words.

Here are some past patches I have done. I rarely showcase old work… but here you go… I like showing off sometimes especially when the projects turns out so nice. Most of these are embroidered on muslin then ironed to stitchy witchery to make the patch. These are all before trimmed shots since my scanner gets really warm and hates SW with its hotness passion.

Not too bad again if I do say so myself.

In any case I’m working on a celtic intial to put on the purse in leu of the heart design. Yet yesterday as I worked hard to make sure that I ended up with a purse that I wanted… I got a lovely reminder as to why the world is so wonderful and beautiful. Frankly I hate where I live…. while Pittsburgh is fine my neighborhood is crap….. but its views like this that make me think its not so bad….. I present to you…..
The Ghetto Rainbow(s)

A double rainbow, snazzy no?


1 Comment

  1. Severina said,

    April 3, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    Love the little pink skull patch!

    I should really do some more emboidery, but I’ve got so many knit/crochet projects lying around here unfinished (like my Knitting Olympics sweater). I’m not allowing myself to start any new projects. Dammit.

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