She Lives!!!

Oh my god…. let us pray that I do not attend my attentions upon my family, houseplants, and pets as I do this blog.

Been having alot of weirdness going on…….
First off, Doc says that the kiddo’s head is fine- and honestly sitting in the waiting room with the other strange head shaped kids made me realize how beautiful an acorn head might be considered to others. Granted its not such a nice thing to say, but honest. My kid had the roundest most perfect shaped head of the lot, which made me feel quite silly with the way I worked myself up.

I have a new niece as of yesterday, my sister had her baby. I would love to write down her name and weight and birth length and all that but I missed it all. I think she was 21inches long and about a good hefty 8lbs…. as to her name I’ll probably butcher the hell out of it…. Kaiya Dayoni or something or other with the Dayoni being her middle name. Now I told my sister I had aversions to naming kids so that they sounded like high falootin California wines… but no one listens to me.

In knitting news I have done nothing since Christmas…. I am a bad bad crafter.

In Second Life news… hubby now plays as well as Big Ben. Hubby and I own an area and have been building it up. It’s weird building up a video game place. I am used to walking in and it just being there I never really understood the amount of work that went into it. Look us up if you like….Kellendia Duport or Roy McDunnough at Fior Caras in Elf Haven…. I think we’ve done pretty good with it.

My birthday is on Sunday. I turn the ever feared big 3-0. That should prove fun…. I wonder if I have to leave my ill spent youth under the my pillow and the old fairy will take it and leave me a shiny quarter… I’ll have to find out. 😀


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  1. Severina said,

    March 4, 2006 at 5:49 pm

    Hey, glad to see the kiddo’s A-OK!

    I wasn’t quite so concerned about the Big 3-0, it was the Bigger 3-1 that threw me. I still have two months before I cease to be 39, so who knows how I’ll deal with that.

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