The Holidays…. They Kill Me

I have successfully navigated the eternal torment of hell otherwise known as the holidays. I have escaped as of this point relatively unscathed. Joyous wonders of yore indeed.

I have been ignoring my knitting, which as per the knitter’s creed should have me excommunicated or something from their ranks. Yet, I have discovered alot of knitters hide from knitting the few weeks after the Christmas rush…. probably to rest their knotted hands of pain from touching a needle for a while. I know my hands ached for days…….DAYS. So in the meantime I’ve been playing some more Second Life, having fun and hanging with my fellow pixies.

On the serious side of the world, on the 18th I have to take TJ to a neurosurgeon. I have been on and off a weird rollercoaster with this. Back in October my doctor had me take him for xrays to investigate this bump on his head that just never went away. Along with some snafu with blood tests taken the same day of which I am still cursing the hospital, my doctor JUST received the xray results (JUST!!!!!). She reccomended that I take him to see a neurosurgeon which will likely end in him needing surgery. I’m just going to assume from here out that he’s going under the knife until the Doc tells me otherwise…. at this point I’d rather assume the worst and get the best than vice versa or whatsit. I’ve already been making plans with the inlaws so that they can care for Sam while I stay in the joint with the baby. I’m already making a list of what I’ll have with me. If anyone thinks that I’m going to be anywhere else than with him…… they’re fucking nuts.


1 Comment

  1. Severina said,

    January 12, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    Oooh, rough! Hope it all works out for the best, I mean medical science is pretty amazing these days.
    Fingers crossed for ya

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